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PKR Poker is the recreational poker player’s dream site with its innovative 3D software, unparalleled enjoyment, and heart-pounding three dimensional action. On PKR Poker, you’ll witness all of this and more, with a site that’s just as determined to excite you as it is to put money in your pocket. The uncanny 3D environment, coupled with outstanding software and feature development has lifted this budding poker client into the tiers of the most elite.

PKR Poker is where you’ll find the perfect proportion of players and pleasure, because you’ll enjoy every second of winning big pots with the outstanding graphics and cutting-edge elements. Since PKR Poker isn’t one of the biggest sites out there, they allowed themselves to acquire plenty of new players with some of the most desired games and very soft competition. Obviously, just as with any site, you’ll notice a fair share of talented poker villains, but more often than not you’ll encounter opposition that couldn’t tell you the difference between a 3-bet and a 4-bet. Because of this, making money is why players flock to PKR Poker, and you should to!

As some of the other sites unveil new poker genres and variations, PKR Poker is right with them in their evolution. Many of the unique games that you’ll find on the biggest online poker sites may also be found here. It’s not what players have come to expect from a smaller platform, but it’s certainly a welcome surprise that PKR Poker isn’t far behind in any one category.

PKR Poker’s position on its independent network has elevated its status amongst consumers, but it’s not the network’s popularity alone that has boosted its reputation. PKR Poker is becoming a premier place for poker, one that all players should experience and give a try!

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While online poker shouldn’t be about glitz and glamour, when poker is televised or in the news, it’s certainly portrayed as such. Some sites have done well by improving their graphical engines; it’s a nice way to keep the game interesting aside from winning big pots or bluffing your opponents. PKR Poker decided to follow this trend by introducing some of the best 3D graphics you’ll find on any online poker platform. The avatars, animations and poker environments are absolutely stunning, and those who would enjoy playing poker in the tropics with beautiful players will be in heaven on PKR Poker. Furthermore, rarely seen amongst online poker is the ability to create your own custom avatar! Some sites may force you to earn enough points through real-money play to build a custom avatar, but on PKR Poker you can do so right from the minute you open their software!

Once you open the custom avatar display you’ll truly be in awe. Some of the standard characters on PKR Poker already look amazing, but the options truly seem endless when it comes to making your own. You can choose things such as the clothes your avatar wears, their hair color, their body type, and even their custom accessories at the table. You can now look just as you do when you’re sitting at the table yourself by adding headphones, sunglasses or a hoodie to your own signature style. In something never seen before too, users can even choose the emotions their avatar expresses during table play!

Known as “emote control”, players can choose from a variety of expressions that they can use at almost any point of table play. If you want to display confidence, you can do that at the click of a button. Want to look afraid, you can do that too! What’s neat and should be appealing to nearly everyone is that your expressions don’t always have to match how you really feel. So of course if you’re really nervous, you can display guile and gusto to try to deceive your opponent. It’s likely a novelty feature that amateurs will use more than professionals, but it’s a fun and quirky way to spice up the action in any game if it turns stale.

As with most poker sites, you’ll notice many of the standard inclusions such as customizable playing environments, custom tables, multi-tabling, waiting lists, player notes, multi-colored decks and standardized buy-in amounts. When you play at the table, you’ll also be given the chance to review past hands by accessing the unique hand re-player. Now becoming more essential than ever to online play, those who don’t have access to an external database program will want to use this feature as much as possible to store information on their opponents. It’s likely you’ll encounter some of the same faces on the site over and over, so the hand re-player will help you prepare accordingly for the next time you face that crafty player.

If you’ve truly become a student of the game, particularly online, you’ll be thrilled to know that PKR Poker supports many different programs, including Poker Tracker and Hold’em Manager. On top of that, PKR Poker is an online site that supports play on both PC and Macintosh operating systems. While PKR Poker’s software will run smoothly on nearly any newer computer, those who have a state-of-the-art workspace will truly enjoy the fluidity and speed of what PKR dishes out. If you’re a habitual multi-tabler, and don’t want to have to fear untimely interruptions, you’re in the right place on PKR Poker.

PKR Poker Games

It’s not always the players that make the site, sometimes it’s the games. Well, actually I just made up that slogan, but it may in fact be true on PKR Poker. The reasonable selection of games – ranging from Hold’em to Stud to Omaha – allows the site to flourish in terms of action and player traffic. Nearly all of the games available have Limit and No-Limit variations, with the exception of some tried and true big bet games that don’t quite fit the No-Limit landscape. You’re allowed to play short or deep, or choose from several other rare twists that can make any of those poker games more interesting.

It’s unfortunate, but PKR Poker isn’t quite up to speed on the increasing popularity of some of the mixed game formats with online poker. They’re certainly working on adding to their collection of games, and hopefully in the near future they’ll be able to put out at least H.O.R.S.E., or even an 8-game format. For now, players looking to take part in some of those games will have to play them individually, and hopefully find a few fish in each of those games to make your time spent worthwhile.

PKR Poker Traffic

You’ll be able to find between 5,000 and 6,000 people during the peak hours on PKR Poker. While it’s not the most traffic you’ll see online, it’s certainly enough to have ring games running at almost any stake, and tournaments being played with a slew of buy-in levels. It’s sometimes to a player’s benefit to have a smaller player pool, and PKR Poker may be the site player’s need. Smaller fields mean less people to beat in tournaments, often weaker competition, and also better odds to make a huge score in a large multi-table tournament for hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars!

The PKR network isn’t shabby in terms of acquiring new players either and they’ll be amongst the European leaders in online poker for quite some time.

Although the site benefits from good traffic statistics, the amount of players isn’t always distributed evenly amongst the site’s poker options. Those who love to play tournaments will usually find the most players there, while cash game tables often acquire busted out tournament players, or players who are looking to gamble a bit. The cash games are still very popular too, with many experienced players staying in their niche, and others being enticed by the average size of the pots being won in these intense games.

PKR Poker Tournaments

It’s not everyone’s dream to win hundreds of thousands of dollars, but it certainly is possible on PKR Poker. Sundays are usually the best and biggest days for tournament action, as the guaranteed tournaments reach above $50,000, and the players are out in full force for their chance to win it. The fields in these events can be big, but that’s to be expected for such a major online tournament. If you’re someone who doesn’t want to risk that much money, or is looking to avoid the bigger fields, you can always buy-in to some of their $10,000 or $20,000 guarantees that run throughout the week.

What’s nice about PKR Poker is the selection of different tournament events that they offer. You can play guaranteed events, rebuys, turbos, sit-n-gos and many others. They have something for every type of tournament player, and with the smaller fields and easier competition it can be more lucrative than other online destinations.

Speaking of destinations, maybe you want to take a trip to the Bahamas for poker? How about the Caribbean? Maybe you’ve had your eyes on a European Poker Tour event that could give you the experience and money of a lifetime? Well look no further than the qualifying tournaments on PKR Poker. They don’t want you to miss out on the trip of a lifetime because you’re bankroll is too small, or worse yet non-existent. So what they’ve done is allow players to buy-in for small amounts, to step their way through various tournaments to win their buy-in into a major live tournament. Entering the $10,000 Main Event is a steep price, especially for an amateur, so instead why not weave your way through $1-$10 qualifiers, get lucky along the way, and enter for nearly nothing! It’s one of the most unique and cost-efficient ways to build your confidence, and hopefully make your dreams of winning a major poker title come true!

PKR Poker Freerolls

Freeroll tournaments are a unique way to earn free money, despite them usually requiring a bit more luck than your average tournament might demand. Because freerolls can be big in size, and the players are bad, you’ll usually have to gamble much earlier in the event than you would like. Looking at the bright side, when you play freeroll events, usually you’ll either have a monstrous chip stack entering the higher blind levels, or you’ll be severely short-stacked and on your way towards the exit. Regardless of the monetary outcome, freerolls can be a lot of fun and a no-cost method for adding a few bucks to your online account.

At PKR Poker, you’ll find some freerolls occasionally, usually at the level of $100. It’s not amazing, but it’s enough to make your time spent worthwhile. These freeroll tournaments usually run daily, so as long as you are signed into the lobby before or on that time you’ll have a chance to enter. Seats usually fill up fast for the freeroll tournaments, so much sure you sign up with plenty of time left to secure your seat when the event starts!

PKR Poker Competition

Referring to this a little already, PKR Poker will have some games that are tougher than the average. Games of this type are usually located in the high stakes area of the poker lobby. You won’t notice very many tables running, but the tables that are in session are very difficult to beat, and even if you are a winner it’s likely at a small clip of 1-2bb per 100 hands.

If you want to make money consistently, you’ll need to lower your expectations and play some of the smaller buy-in games and tournaments. You’ll find many more fish here, although you might not be winning as much money as in some of the higher games. However, with enough volume (especially in Sit-N-Gos and ring games), you’ll be able to make substantial amounts of money with much less variance. After all, most players play poker to win money, so if that’s in your interest, you should stay below 1000NL.

To increase your win rate at the smaller levels, be sure to take advantage of multi-tabling. For some this is a no-brainer, but for others it may be novelty, or a part of your game that needs some work. If you fit in the latter category, try your best to slowly add more tables; it will add to your bottom line while maintaining your edge and lessening your anxiety levels.

PKR Poker Reward System & Loyalty Program

Everyone enjoys receiving free bonuses right? Of course! In an effort to keep players happy, and also increase the amount of action on the site, PKR Poker has introduced an exciting deposit bonus of 125% up to $500! That’s a free $500 just by making the maximum deposit! For those of us who planned on making a big investment anyway, it won’t hurt to receive a few extra bucks just for crushing the competition. The more you play in real-money games, the easier it becomes to unlock your full bonus amount. If you’re a regular player, it won’t take long at all!

Deposit bonuses aren’t the only way for players to earn free cash however. If you have money to play in real-money games, you’ll be given points for the amount of rake and fees you contribute to PKR Poker. The more you play, the more points you earn, and this will allow you to redeem for prizes, cash and other luxurious items! The list of items is extensive, and I don’t want to get too detailed to ruin the excitement. You can either visit the PKR Poker web site to find out for yourself, or you can sign up today so you can actually begin redeeming points for real gifts!

There are some more elusive poker bonuses on PKR Poker as well, but they require specific play in certain areas. Basically we’ll put it this way – if you’re at the top of your game, and you’ve proven that you can beat your favorite stakes regularly, PKR Poker is going to reward you in more ways than one! Just be on the lookout for promotional opportunities!

PKR Poker Stakes

Surprisingly, PKR Poker offers up to $5/$10 No-Limit for players who are looking to make a big profit in the high-stakes cash games. You can’t find stakes that high everywhere, and because of this it should help attract a few more big name players (even if you don’t immediately recognize their screen name). However, despite the site allowing high-stakes play, you’ll find that the small-stakes tables are the most popular, and there are a lot of players within the micro-stakes arena as well.

Depending on your game and format, the blind levels will increase or decrease in stature. Some of the limit games can have even higher blind limits, while the lesser-played poker variations won’t offer as wide of a range of limits because of their popularity. What’s neat is that PKR Poker doesn’t mind hearing from players to find out what they want in terms of stakes and games, so don’t be afraid to let them know what you’re looking for. If you’re a big enough player, winner or gambler, they may accommodate your request because of your loyalty to PKR Poker!

PKR Poker Deposits and Withdrawals

Because this is primarily a European site, some deposit and withdrawal methods principally used in restricted geographic locations may not be available. Generally, PKR Poker has substitutes that should accommodate almost any financial situation. Not every method available is listed here, but we’ve mentioned some of the most common types of payment used.

Visa, Mastercard, Firepay, Neteller, Click2Pay, Skrill, Moneybookers, PaySafeCard.

PKR Poker Customer Service

Does the convenience and uncertainty of online poker intimidate you? Maybe you’ve heard news in recent years about its tougher competition? Are you worried about depositing? Or more importantly receiving your money back? No worries. You’ll have plenty of staff members from PKR Poker at your beck-and-call any time of day to address these concerns. One of the bonuses of online play is that there are games running all the time, and with that convenience it’s likely that the players will need assistance at odd times of the day. But that’s not an issue because PKR Poker’s support staff is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer even the most difficult inquiries. You can contact them via email, phone or live chat as well.

Depending on the method of contact you select, and also your question, there will occasionally be wait times. While the average waiting period for responses is 24-48 hours, if your question is lengthy it could take longer. Because of the busy nature of the games and the demands of the players, PKR Poker does try to get back to everyone as quickly as possible.

Sometimes you may have a question that can be answered quickly, and may not require the expertise of an associate. If you think your inquiry fits that profile, there’s a helpful Frequently Asked Questions section on the PKR Poker web site to help visitors. Within this section you’ll find common questions that have been asked dozens of times, and should quickly alleviate any stress or problems you have encountered right away. Even if the FAQ doesn’t tackle your problem, it can often direct you to the appropriate support team to answer your question specifically.

PKR Poker understands that the depiction of online poker isn’t the prettiest at the moment. Even so, they try their best to make players feel more comfortable about online poker by detailing all of the processes they go through in terms of safety and protecting your hard-earned money. Collusion, fraud and multi-accounting aren’t acceptable, and PKR Poker doesn’t tolerate any of that activity. Players found caught in any of those crimes will be prosecuted, and have their accounts suspended. If you want to know more about the procedures that they follow, you can visit the site here for more information.

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