Welcome to MacPoker.com, the Internet’s leading resource for information about playing poker for Mac OS. My name is Dan, and I originally developed this site as a fan site for a small niche of poker players using Macintosh computers who were looking for friendly software for the Mac operating system. As a passionate fan of Apple myself, and an avid poker player both live and online, I understand the difficulty in finding real money online poker action that is compatible with Mac OSx products, including iPads and iPhones.

Now, Apple has exploded as one of the world’s largest companies, and Mac computers are not a rare jewel seen only in geeky flicks on the television any longer. The Mac computer is more prevalent in daily life, and my modest website has grown into something beyond my wildest imagination. Now, thousands of poker players visit MacPoker.com each month, post lively comments in response to my blogs, read my reactions to online poker news, and trust my opinion and recommendations about online poker sites for both Mac and PC.

MacPoker.com has taken on a life of it’s own.

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I must say that I am particularly proud of my fair online poker site reviews. In this section, I outline and rate all of the top Mac (and PC) online poker sites across a variety of different categories. As an online poker expert, I pick apart the best poker sites to see what makes them tick. When I’m done, I lay it out for you to read in a quick and easy to understand format. Each review is broken down into multiple categories ranging from how tough the competition is, to how big of a poker bonus your first deposit will nab you. I strive to help you easily find the exact mac poker rooms you’re seeking, and where you can wager real money against other poker mac players.

You’ll notice that I update my poker news quite often. I do this to keep myself, and my readers, on top of the latest in the online poker world. In my news section, you will read about major live tournaments and their results, new reviews of online poker sites, and special time-sensitive promotions that go above and beyond what normal sites can offer. I eat, sleep, and breathe poker. I ensure you, you’ll only receive the most authentic poker information on my Mac poker website.

I am always interested in feedback from my loyal readers, so contact me or leave a comment if you have something interesting to say. If you have any question about a particular poker room or a particular bonus offered by MacPoker, you can also shoot me an email through the contact form and I’ll be happy to help. If you’re reading this, you’re my customer, and I wouldn’t be where I am at without you.

Not only will I cover everything to do with Apple’s Mac and Poker, I’ll be covering some stuff for you poker players who use a PC as well. I’ve also recently been focusing on the new age style of poker playing on your mobile, such as an iPhone, iPad, or Samsung Galaxy. We have recently introduced a brand new mobile poker page, giving you reviews of the top options you have for playing on your smartphone or tablet, because as of right now that looks like it is the future.

From me at MacPoker.com to you at home: Thank you so much for reading, and good luck at the poker tables!


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