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Red Kings Poker will put your mind at ease by issuing a great environment for poker play; one that’s rich with the components everyday players seek and laden with the rewards that attract skeptical naysayers. Red Kings Poker isn’t your average run-of-the-mill poker skin, it’s a standout location on the popular OnGame Network, and this online giant’s software and poker expertise lifts this site to unprecedented levels.

You’ll be able to find thousands of cash game players, along with thousands of tournament players on the biggest poker network in the world. For some this may be intimidating, but for others this could be just the challenge you need for your game to reach new heights. It’s essential that because of Red Kings Poker’s magnitude, they have to provide outstanding poker games and service. You’ll notice their support and reliability just weeks after experiencing their software, and their urge for development is always unmistakable. Their goal is to get you to want to play on Red Kings Poker, just as much they want to become one of the premier places for online poker players.

Not a surprise to many sites on the OnGame Network, RedKings Poker doesn’t want to stop online betting at just poker. They want their players to have the chance to get involved with everything, and if that means dabbling in some casino entertainment as well, so be it. If you’re a true poker player, you’ll have little-to-no trouble in shying away from those games. But for those who want a complete online experience, it’s not ill-advised to try those games out as well.

Most importantly, Red Kings Poker wants to let its consumers know that they’re a safe and secure poker room that’s keen on action. If you want a better than average spot to play small stakes Hold’em or Omaha, Red Kings Poker will be a great location.

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Red Kings Poker may not be a class-leader in terms of overall presentation, but they’ve stayed afloat by contributing to the areas that need the most updating. OnGame and its affiliates haven’t been praised for their evolution in terms of graphical style, but they don’t make it obvious that they’re one of the worst in terms of appeal. Instead RedKings tries to balance its ordinary looks with features that most consumers will look forward to and be happy about.

The site brings all of the basic needs; you’ll notice waiting lists for tables, table stakes, chat windows and table windows which also display the names of the players that are seated in the game you select. Also within the poker lobby you’ll notice table statistics. Of the numbers listed you’ll find hands per hour, viewed flop percentages and the average pot per hour. Stats such as these should help players choose the most profitable tables, and make more money.

Sifting through the site a bit more, you’ll notice that you can view your “Cashier” window, “Promotions” window, and “Support” window all from the original lobby view. Red Kings Poker tried to dumb things down as much as they could for their visitors so that they’ll never be lost or confused when navigating through menus.

Nearly every online poker site has a few of its own unique ideas and promotions, and Red Kings Poker didn’t forget to include their own spin on poker. While many sites are now including specific speed tables or an entire player pool designated for fold-and-go poker, instead Red Kings Poker decided to take this in a quirky direction it’s never been taken before. Let’s introduce “Push’em Poker”.

You’ll be grouped at a typical poker table with other players, but in this game every player starts with only 5 big blinds. Rather than worrying about good starting hand requirements or making intelligent decisions, your table eventually becomes a shove fest with you going all-in because you’re so short-stacked. Claiming to “create a ton of action,” while this certainly accomplishes that, Push’em Poker should easily be seen as poker bingo. Your reliance on luck will be significant, so you’ll need to win hands a lot right away. Considering the rake as well, this game may in fact be unbeatable. It’s certainly a one-of-a-kind idea, but maybe not in a good way.

On the bright side, if you’re looking to purely gamble, it’s VERY easy to run up a $10 buy-in to $200 in less than half-an-hour!

Push’em Poker has tables that go up to $1/2 in blind levels.

Red Kings Poker Reward System & Loyalty Program

The bonuses on Red Kings Poker are plentiful, to say the least. Most online poker sites only offer their patrons one sign-up bonus, but on Red Kings Poker you’ll be given a selection of six bonuses! YES, WE SAID SIX BONUSES! The maximum bonus you can choose is a 100% bonus up to $2,500, an amount that any player could use! If that bonus is unattainable, you can choose two other ”fixed bonuses”, or decide between three ”incremental bonuses”. With the incremental bonuses you’ll be constantly unlocking new money as long as you’re playing regularly in their real-money games!

On top of the sign-up bonuses, Red Kings Poker provides bonuses to tournament players, a Refer-a-Friend bonus, a Bad Beat Bonus, and of course, a unique “Red Kings Bonus.” Anytime you’re in a hand and receive two red kings, if you’re beaten by showdown you’ll receive as much as $500 in your account! The amount you receive is based on your current point accumulation, but accumulating enough points is easy as long as you’re playing for real-money!

As many online poker sites introduce, Red Kings Poker invented their own custom VIP Tier system, ranging from bronze to Royal VIP. You move up the tier ladder by playing for real-money, contributing to rake and tournament fees, and then watching your account window for progression. As you play more, you’ll earn more points and move up the scale. If you reach some of the highest levels, you’ll be awarded cool things such as concierge service, or become a sponsored player of Team RedKings!

In addition to earning those perks, you can use points in a developing VIP store, which has electronics, gear and gift vouchers that should appease almost any materialistic appetite.

Red Kings Poker Games

If you’re looking to become proficient at 8-game or 10-game, you won’t find that type of action on RedKings Poker. It’s probably safe to assume that if you were that type of player, you would want a much bigger site with higher stakes anyway. Instead, Red Kings Poker offers you a set number of games: Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, 7-Card Stud, 7-Card Stud Hi-Lo and 5-Card Draw. What’s nice is that if you do prefer to play mixed game formats, most of the most popular games in those collections are available individually.

For most games, you’ll have the opportunity to play No-Limit, Pot-Limit and Limit variations. Short-handed and full-handed games may also be played, and each format can be selected from the designated lobby tab.

Finding a game shouldn’t be difficult, and because of the steady traffic you’ll consistently see games running. If the game you’re looking for isn’t immediately available, you’ll have the chance to open a game of your liking. You can also choose to hide all full tables from your lobby view, as well as hide empty tables so that you’ll only see games you can immediately join and boost the action.

Red Kings Poker Traffic

Whether it is tournaments or cash games, you’ll find a significant number of players in each game genre when you open the lobby. As of the publication of this review, Red Kings averages about 9,000 ring game players during its best times, and about 50,000 tournament players. Those numbers aren’t earth shattering, but they’re more than enough to keep the site busy and players content.

If you’re a cash game specialist, you’ll immediately notice how drastically different the ring game statistics are in comparison to the tournament figures. But this is nothing to be worried about – players who frequent ring games will find action at almost any stake during peak times. Those who spend most of their time in the micro to small-stakes games will almost always find at least a few games in session. Because of the minimal risk and commonality of these stakes, newcomers and pros alike flock to this area. Because of this, it remains one of the busiest environments on Red Kings Poker.

Tournament tables are busy, but with the tournament buy-ins and guarantees being slightly average or below in comparison to other bigger sites you’ll find lots of players, but many who are terrible or competent at best.

Red Kings Poker Tournaments

Poker’s popularity originated from the broadcast of televised events, more specifically poker tournaments. Because of this, many people who are starting in the world of poker begin in this niche. Red Kings Poker, and other online sites as well gain immense financial benefit from this cyclical behavior, and you can cash in too on the soft fields and smaller events that they host.

If you’re a habitual tournament veteran, we’ll be honest and state you won’t be flocking to Red Kings Poker for top-tier events or one-of-a-kind tournaments. Not to imply that Red Kings Poker doesn’t have an invested interest in its tournament offerings, but it’s difficult to compete with other platforms that have increased player pools and greater revenue. What they can provide is smaller tournaments that have weak competition and allow you to make money; one of the greater goals that shouldn’t be ignored by any poker player.

Known as the “High-Roller,” RedKings Poker’s $50,000 Guarantee is one of the premier events on the site and runs every Tuesday. Because of its recognition, they also hold qualifiers for this tournament so the $500+$25 buy-in is a bit more attainable for those who are restricted financially. If you’re looking to take an even bigger gamble, you might want to check out the $200,000 Championship event. While not specifically reserved for professionals, navigating your way through this tough field will take a lot of guile and a bit of well-timed luck.

It’s not just the guarantees that garner attention from tournament players, however. You shouldn’t be surprised to see some of the same faces in Sit-N-Go events, which often gives bonuses to players who frequently play them. The same can be said for the live event tournament qualifiers, which send players around the globe to take part in WSOPE events or the Aussie Millions. In fact, if you’re good enough to qualify, you may even have the opportunity to represent Red Kings Poker at one of the live events!

Red Kings Poker Freerolls

While they’re not going extinct, the “freeroll” event is becoming a bit less popular with the introduction of micro-stakes and minimum deposit expansion. Not to say that the freeroll tournament isn’t an opportunity to win money; in fact on Red Kings Poker you’ll have a better than average chance at taking home a significant prize.

Because of the extensive amount of freerolls on Red Kings Poker, you can enter multiple tournaments in one day to increase your odds of raking in the top prize. Appropriately named “shuffle-up” tournaments, these events range in scope from $50 to $500 and can award players with decent sums of cash for never making a real-money investment. It’s a neat way to earn a few bucks.

Some of the Shuffle-Up tournaments require points to enter, however the criteria is very low and nearly any player can enter. If by chance you don’t meet the point requirement, on Sundays Red Kings Poker is host to their most popular $50 Shuffle-Up event, and this is available to ALL players by using the password free4all.

Red Kings Poker Stakes

Because of the size of Red Kings Poker, you’ll notice that you can play for a variety of different amounts. The amounts in blinds range from $1c/$2c up to $10/$20 for consistent action. Within tournaments, you’ll find that most buy-ins range from a few dollars up to $500.

Those who are seeking the highest level of play will want to look elsewhere because of the lack of true and consistent nosebleed games.

Red Kings Poker Competition

Because OnGame has a few bigger sites on its network, you’ll notice that Red Kings Poker frequently finds players who have average to less-than-average knowledge in the game of poker. You’ll find your fair share of skilled players, but more often than not they’re playing bigger games for more money; games recreational players avoid altogether.

Soft competition is readily available within the micro and small-stakes games, particularly No-Limit Hold’em. Omaha is also popular with a certain percentage of the incoming new depositors, but much less than Hold’em.

$5/$10 NLHE is probably the cut-off between softer fields and tough opposition when it comes to the cash game environment.

Red Kings Poker Customer Service

The service at Red Kings Poker is certainly sufficient, and they do adjust their schedules to allow players to contact them at any time. You can get a hold of a staff member through email, telephone and live help. The RedKings Poker support team has things set up so that players who get a hold of them through email can compose their inquiry directly to the most relevant person. A nice way to get quick responses, they’ve gone ahead and cut out the middle man to better address consumer needs.

In a nice addition, for players who have a different native language other than English, the platform allows for the display of 16 other languages. The site accomplishes even more by allowing both PC and MAC users access to their software. While a Java client is also available, it’s not nearly as impressive as the download versions and can be missing some of the more intriguing features.

Some readers who aren’t familiar with the OnGame sites or Red Kings Poker brand may be a bit leery in terms of overall security. Understandably so, with some of the recent news in regards to online poker safety, players want to make sure they’re able to play fairly and under the appropriate laws and guidelines. Red Kings Poker follows all required procedures, and they have licenses in two of the most popular overseas destinations in Gibraltar and Malta.

Because topics such as collusion and online safety are so important, Red Kings Poker allows visitors to read all about their procedures in these categories directly on their web site. Under the “Support” tab at, you’ll find sub-menus for Security and Privacy, along with Anti-Collusion. Both of these pages have a bit of info for players to read so they will feel a bit more at ease about playing on the site.

Red Kings Poker Deposits and Withdrawals

You may send money to your account using Visa, MasterCard, Click2Pay, WebMoney, Neteller, and Skrill. Withdrawals are handled slightly differently, and the methods available are dependent on your method of payment, amongst other factors.

Deposits take little to no time, and the typical withdrawal should take no longer than a week depending on the method selected.

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