2009 WCOOP Main Event Recap


Recently, PokerStars ended its annual World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) with a huge finale.  The final three events of the WCOOP each had a prize pool of $1 million dollars or more and exceeded all expectations.

In Event 43, the $215 No Limit Hold’em tournament, 9,220 entrants registered for a prize pool of $1.84 million.  Amazingly, Bertrand “Elky” Grospellier took down his second WCOOP title of the series and a first place prize of $263,000.  In Event 44, the $10,300 HORSE High Roller tournament, 103 entrants battled for their share of a $1 million prize pool.  In the end, it was Dan “djk123” Kelly from the United States winning $252,000.

Event 45, the $5,200 No Limit Hold’em Main Event, was played over the course of two days, with 2,144 entering for their shot at a slice of $10.7 million.  The final table had its share of stars.  The players that made it through included djk123, Xaston, Jovial Gent, Udon Wannit, reddeevil, PeachyMer, Supa4real, Chong94, and Mudvaynes.  As many players noticed, djk123 is a tournament pro who was just coming off a HORSE High Roller event win for $252,000 and was rooted on by the majority of the railers.

With PeachyMer eliminated in ninth place for $96,480, a critical hand came up that proved fatal for one player.  UTG+1, Chong94 had about 3.5 million in chips with blinds at 50,000/100,000 and 12,500 antes.  He made a raise to 220,000 and Supa4real went all-in for his last 345,000.  Everyone folded and it was an automatic call from Chong94, who showed J-J.  Unfortunately, Supa4real had 10-10 and was in a major hole.  The flop came 7-8-9 and nearly blew the roof off, with Supa4real drawing to any 10, 6, or J.  The turn was a 3 and the river was another 7, securing the win for Chong94.  Supa4real, out in eighth place, took home $182,240 for his efforts.

With the same blinds, Mudvaynes found himself woefully short-stacked with just 530,000 in chips.  With three folds ahead of him and in the cutoff, he shoved all-in.  In the small blind with 13 million in chips, djk123 made the call.  Mudvaynes showed 10-9 of diamonds and djk123 showed 10-Q for a 66% to 30% advantage.  The flop was 2-K-3 rainbow, with neither player improving.  The 7 on the turn and ace on the river gave the winning hand to djk123 and eliminated Mudvaynes in seventh place for $268,000.

Chong94 was eliminated in sixth place for $375,200.  Then, Xaston was under the gun and raised to 222,222, which was called by Jovial Gent on the button and Udon Wannit in the big blind.  The flop came 9-10-3 with two clubs and play checked to Jovial Gent, who led out for 357,000.  Udon Wannit folded, but Xaston check-raised all in for his remaining 3.3 million.  Jovial Gent called and showed K-10 of clubs for top pair and a flush draw; Xaston showed A-9 of diamonds for just second pair.  The turn was the eight of clubs, eliminating Xaston in fifth place for $482,400.

With four players remaining, the blinds were up to 60,000/120,000 with a 15,000 chip ante.  Jovial Gent was on the button and made a raise to 281,010 and djk123 3bet from the small blind to 844,444.  Jovial Gent then 4bet to put djk123 all-in and was called.  Jovial Gent turned over pocket kings and djk123 revealed pocket tens.  The flop just about sealed djk123’s fate, with J-K-4 giving Jovial Gent a set of kings.  The turn was a 3, eliminating djk123 in fourth place for $643,200.  After more play, Udon Wannit and Jovial Gent were heads-up when reddeevil of Norway was eliminated in third place for $933,712.

In the end, Yevgeniy “Jovial Gent” Timoshenko won the WCOOP Main Event for $1.7 million, one of the largest first place cashes in online poker history.  For placing in second, Udon Wannit took home $1.29. Visit PokerStars for more details.


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