Party Poker Cash Booster Freerolls Can Really Boost Your Cash Bankroll



Having the proper bankroll is essential to your success as a poker player. Unfortunately, for many of us, coming up with enough money for a real bankroll isn’t easy. Some of you might be able to borrow from a friend or take out a home equity loan. Those options aren’t available to most, so we have a better idea – Party Poker Cash Booster Freerolls.

These are freeroll tournaments that are available to new players and give them an opportunity to win a share of $5,000. Upon making your first deposit, you will receive 1 free entry into the Cash Booster tournament. You can also earn a second entry within your first 30 days for another Cash Booster tournament. These freerolls take place every Sunday.

Freerolls are a No-Risk Way to Build a Bankroll

Online poker freerolls usually pay out no more than $1,000 – most pay out less. That’s why we really like the Party Poker Cash Booster freerolls because you can win more money. If you can’t come up with the necessary bankroll to play online poker, why not freeroll your way to a decent bankroll? It can happen. Many have used this strategy.

Freerolls are fun, stress-free poker tournaments. However, you should use proper poker strategy when playing freerolls. Don’t enter these tournaments with the mindset of, “it doesn’t matter because I can’t lose”. Actually, you can lose. You can’t lose money you wagered but you can lose out on money you otherwise would have won. First place pays out around $1,000 in the Party Poker Cash Booster freerolls. If you are strapped for cash and want to play poker, this is your chance. Take it seriously.

Winning Freeroll Strategy

Like any freeroll, there are going to be donkeys shoving all-in right off the bat. Let them play like that. Wait for a hand and then pounce on these players for big pots once you have a hand. Don’t fall into the trap of playing every other hand like some of your opponents. Even though you aren’t risking any money, playing smart poker will give you an opportunity to win some much needed cash.


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