3 Signs You’re Not Losing Because the Poker God’s Hate You


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There is a huge difference between running bad and playing bad, and it’s crucial that you understand the difference. Many poker players go on a bad streak and think they’re getting unlucky when, in fact, they’re playing bad poker. Conversely, some poker players think they’re playing bad when the only reason they are losing is because the Poker God’s haven’t been kind. Not sure if you’re playing bad or running bad? This will clear things up for you:

Top 3 Signs You’re Playing Poker Badly

Sign #1: You suck out more than your opponent’s suck out on you

Winning poker players lose more bad beats than they win. That might sound silly but it’s true. The reason for that is because winning poker players don’t rely on catching a lucky card. They play ahead and fold when they’re behind unless the pot odds are correct. Losing poker players chase too many hands. If you notice that you tend to suck out more often than your opponent’s suck out on you, it’s not because you are lucky. It means you need to stop chasing.

Sign #2: You forget the hands you win

This is a common occurrence in the poker world. Players frequently complain about hands they lost on a bad beat but fail to mention all the 2-outers they hit. That’s human nature, I suppose. People tend to focus on bad things that happen to them and forget about all the good things that happen to them.

Sign #3: You think you’re losing because of the cards

The #1 sign a poker player is losing because of skill – or a lack of skill – and not because they are running bad is any time a player thinks the only reason they’re not a winning poker player is because of bad luck. Sure, sometimes bad luck is the reason a player loses. However, over the long run, luck isn’t a factor. If, after many months of playing you are still losing, luck isn’t the reason. It’s time to work on your game instead of blaming the cards.

There is no such thing as long-term bad luck in poker. Skilled poker players – all of them – eventually end up ahead. Unskilled poker players continue losing and blame the cards instead of working on improving their game. If you’re a losing player, don’t blame the cards. Improve your game. Read more of our poker strategy articles and learn how to become a winning poker player.


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