Announcing The Deep Stacks Poker Tour – Live Poker is Alive And Well


Deep Stacks Poker Tour LogoIn yet another recent announcement of an additional poker tour in 2012, the progression and expansion of live tournament poker with televised events continues to rise quickly. The Deep Stacks Poker Tour is set to hit at least 6 major cities in 2012 for fully televised events, where there will be guaranteed poker pros and celebrities in order to entice more entries from the public. It will also be a real pro television show aired on a great network, so it’s a superb chance for people to really grab their time to shine.

The Deep Stacks Poker Tour will have all televised events and will have plenty of familiar faces including poker legends and up and coming poker stars.  Some of the pros locked in for each event include the ever entertaining Mike Matusow, one of the hottest starts in poker Mike “The Grinder” Mizrachi, Karina Jett and more. Since it’s a televised tour, why does something tell us that Phil “The Brat” Hellmuth is going to be there? Other pros guaranteed on the tour include Tristan “Cre8ive” Wade, Justin “Boosted J” Smith, Randal “RandAllin” Flowers, Adam “Roothlus” Levy, Robert Mizrachi, Matt Graham, Jason Lee, Jennifer “Jennicide” Leigh, Daryl Fish, Hayden Fortini, Darrel Dierm, Jay Houston and tournament poker legend Tom McEvoy. With the mix of skilled poker players and crazy personalities, this is sure to be a popular poker tour both on and off camera.

The fact that people can get in at a moderate price is one thing, and another advantageous factor is that the blinds structures are going to fully mirror the brand’s name. With true deep stack poker, skills can prevail over luck and every player will have much more time at the tables with fellow casual players and poker pros, meaning possible serious big hands and TV time.

There will also be open entry to the public for all the tournaments, giving you a shot to be on TV and cash a major win. In fact, Deep Stacks Poker Tour wants to make sure that there are plenty of entrants in each event, and plan to draw people to that using very high quality TV coverage, the chance for major TV time, and of course playing with poker celebrities at almost every table. That will give you a great chance at getting on TV for hands even if you don’t make the final table. Basically, they are really doing this for the common man as well as increasing the popularity of poker domestically and internationally by putting forth a new and high quality television show.

The events will take place all over North America, with stops in New York, Montreal, Reno, Las Vegas, Portland and California. Buyins will be moderately high in the $1500+ range, allowing a large prize pool and still allowing many novice players top play with the pros. The premier event will be held in Niagara Falls, NY, February 15th – 19th, 2012 at the Seneca Niagara Casino.

Historically, live tournament poker has gone through an evolution from being a late night sports TV filler, to going prime time on ESPN in a few short years. After the “money maker effect” in 2003, where a relative nothing-burger by the name of Chris Moneymaker held true to his name by winning at the time the largest (by far) poker 1st prize in history, by beating out a field of sharks and pros.  That sent the US and the rest of the world into a poker frenzy that is still going strong to this day. The announcement of the Deep Stacks Poker tour certainly solidifies that fact.

In other news, there is a similar though much smaller poker event series launching soon, it was announced yesterday that the “Mega Stack Poker Tour” will be launching. This series looks to make several stops all across Europe, with 4 events pinned down so far for the inaugural year. It won’t be as big as the Deep Stack Poker tour and even though they have very similar names, they are not related to each other in any way. In the Mega Series, there will be 77 minute blinds and 77,000 starting chips – a tribute to it’s sponsor Poker 770. Since the Deep Stack tour just released their presence yesterday, we will update you with full tour dates and more cool information about this cool tourney series right here on Mac Poker as it becomes available.


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