Apple News and Rumors for May 21st


With the Apple Worldwide Developers’ Conference now only a few weeks away, the rumors are heating up, but the folks at Apple are as tight-lipped as ever.  There are a few leaks regarding the new iPhone and Snow Leopard, along with one bizarre story coming straight from Apple warning about static shock in earbud headphones.

Apple Warns of a Shocking iPhone or iPod Experience

This title is unfortunately quite literal, as Apple has issued a warning that iPhone and iPod users may experience a “small and quick” electric shock through their earbuds because of a buildup of static electricity.  If a user of either one of these products is in a very dry environment, they are at risk. The experience is similar to when someone drags their feet on carpet and then touches another person.  The condition, as it was explained, is not due to faulty hardware, but simply due to the potential of static electricity in nature.  Apple suggested using a humidifier indoors to alleviate the issue or hand lotions to moisturize dry skin.  There’s also anti-static spray available that can be applied.

Java Vulnerability in Mac OS X

A security software developer has exposed a big flaw within Java for Mac OS X that can be used to write a program to allow local code on a user’s Mac to be executed remotely.  This could lead to attacks on Mac computers to run malicious software.  The vulnerability relies solely on Java, so it potentially exists on all browser platforms that have not been patched.  Mac OS X 10.5.7 does not have a patch.  There’s no word on whether the Apple commercial where “Mr. Apple” brags about a computer that is hack-proof will be updated as well.

Kiwis Spill the Beans

According to a Twitter post from a Telecom New Zealand executive (seriously, is giving a Twitter account to a business executive like giving them a loaded gun?), Apple is negotiating with various international carriers and the company is very focused on the third generation of iPhone.  We can guess this means that the worst kept secret in Apple history is coming sooner than expected overseas.


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