Apple News Roundup for April 25, 2009


This week was a big one for Apple, which announced its second quarter financial results and shocked the industry by stating that the company had recorded a new high for profits during the recent quarter.  Amid such a poor economic climate, the news was nothing short of a breath of fresh air for consumers and investors alike.  Let’s round up the latest gossip and rumors to see what might be in store for the tech giant.

iPhone’s Exclusivity Deal with AT&T

During the strategy portion of recent a call with Apple, Tim Cook and Peter Oppenheimer mentioned that they were happy with the current exclusivity deal with AT&T and felt that their mobile partner has done a great job promoting the phone.  They debunked rumors of a Verizon pact, stating that the network’s CDMA format is incompatible with the iPhone.

No Netbook on the Horizon

Apple executives were asked about the possibility of an Apple netbook during the financial results call, an issue that tech press is eager to bring up at any opportunity.  Cook responded to the question as he as done in the past, degrading the notion of a netbook as a cramped and junky experience that is unworthy of the Apple brand.

App Store Reaches One Billion Applications Downloaded

As ridiculous as it is, Apple now has one billion applications downloaded from its App Store.  Out of those billion, how many are software clients to an online poker room like PartyPoker for real money?  Zero.  Talk about a bad beat on poker!  One application that did make it through was the popular “Baby Shaker” game that was quickly removed from the App Store amid users finding it inappropriate and offensive.

Snow Leopard One Step Closer to the Public

Apple notified pre-approved developers via e-mail that they could download and test a new pre-release beta build of Mac OS X 10.6, codenamed “Snow Leopard.”  This represents the second edition of the beta build offered this month, as many believe that the company is finally bearing down on an actual final edition.


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