Banned from the App Store


As poker players, we’re always on the lookout for new gadgets and software.  There’s a bit of glee we get when we see the everyday person shopping for their first Mac, finally getting over the fear of using something that’s not Windows-based.  There are usually tons of kids in the store checking out the new iPods, iPhones, and Macs, giving promise to a whole new generation that Apple users are here to stay.  As an existing Apple user, this is heartwarming and exciting.

Taking the shopping experience one step further, Apple has put together an online store that can be accessed from your iPhone to buy fun and hilarious applications and offer independent software developers the chance for their creativity to be seen worldwide.  There have been several cases of one person selling tens of thousands of copies of an application they’ve made in their spare time.  It’s a great story until you see Apple pull the plug on controversial applications.

In a story confirmed by multiple sources, Apple has taken back several applications it already had approved for download and/or sale in its online store. Here are a few examples:

Baby Shaker

Okay, this one might have some merit in being in bad taste.  In this application, there’s a crying baby and users shake their iPhone until it stops.  If you shake it too much, red Xs appear over the baby’s eyes that seem to imply you’ve murdered it.  Apple might have a case for this one being yanked.

Zombie School

School shootings and violence are fresh in the minds of many Americans.  Apple banned this application because a player runs around a school shooting zombies.  Apparently, it too closely resembles real life events that were all too tragic.  This application is definitely in bad taste and we’re not sure why the developers didn’t make the setting a shopping mall just like every other zombie game.

I Am Rich

This was, without a doubt, the most deserving application to be yanked from the iTunes Store.  It cost a whopping $999.99 and all a user got was a glowing gem.  The application was made to show people that they could wantonly blow their money on something as useless as a sign of how rich they are.  ABC News reported that seven people actually bought this application.


Now, of all the applications banned, this one seemed excessive.  Let’s face it, most poker players are guys; the internet players are usually under the age of 30.  The majority of this demographic is all for boobs.  This application showed a cartoon chest of a woman with a nice bosom.  If a user shook the iPhone, the boobs jiggled.  Sounds kind of funny and harmless; however, it’s still banned.

Hottest Girls

If cartoon boobs made Apple upset, then photos of topless women wasn’t going to make the cut either.

Prohibition 2: Dope Wars

Nothing says good taste like the story of a drug dealer in New York City trying to make as much money as possible selling drugs while shooting rival gangs and drug dealers.  Although this might be an example of a shameless game making waves for excessive violence, it hardly seems like an application that could be taken seriously by the public.  Nevertheless, it’s banned.


Now we’re just getting into the realm of excessive bans on the iTunes Store.  This application shows a picture of a knife and makes slasher sounds when a user shakes the iPhone.  Perfect for Halloween!

Obama Trampoline

In this app, users get to pick famous United States politicians, including Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Sarah Palin, and make them jump on a trampoline.  Seems uber-controversial right?  As you snicker at that, Apple apparently did and banned this application.


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