Barry Greenstein Goes Busto on High Stakes Poker


The seventh season of the GSN cash game series “High Stakes Poker” rolled on yesterday. The show, which airs new episodes at 8:00pm ET and 11:00pm ET on Saturdays, saw yet another player at the eight-handed table go broke. This time, PokerStars pro Barry Greenstein had the honors. PokerStars, which offers a fully downloadable client for Mac players, sponsors “High Stakes Poker” and is the world’s largest online poker site.

Greenstein raised to $3,000 with A-5 before the flop and Treasure Island Las Vegas owner Phil Ruffin came along with A-K of diamonds. David “Viffer” Peat called with J-7 and the flop came 3-2-Q, all diamonds. Greenstein bet $5,000 and Ruffin called with the nuts. Peat folded and the turn was the four of hearts. Greenstein, who had just made a straight, pushed all-in for his last $18,100.

Ruffin asked Greenstein if he had any more to bet and, upon hearing that the PokerStars pro was all-in, called and tabled the best hand. Greenstein was drawing dead to the river and asked for another $200,000 in chips.

Greenstein stuck back and partially recouped his losses after betting $7,000 on a flop of K-10-6 with K-Q. Ruffin raised to $20,000 with K-7 for top pair with a weaker kicker and Greenstein called to bring a nine on the turn. Greenstein check-called a bet of $20,000 and an ace peeled off on the river. Greenstein bet $20,000 and Ruffin called only to see he was second best in the $132,000 pot.

Vanessa Selbst then made her presence known, raising to $3,000 with A-Q of spades before the flop and receiving calls from Greenstein, who held pocket tens, and Antonio Esfandiari, who looked down at 9-6 of hearts. The flop came 2-J-5 with two hearts and Selbst pushed out a bet of $6,700 with ace-high. Greenstein surprisingly folded the best hand and Esfandiari called to bring the three of spades on the turn and put two of the suit on board.

Selbst now held the nut flush draw and checked. Esfandiari bet $15,600 and Selbst called. The river completed her flush and she checked the nuts. Esfandiari fell into the trap and pushed out $32,400; Selbst responded by raising to $101,800. Esfandiari folded and the former North American Poker Tour Mohegan Sun Main Event winner raked in the $189,000 pot.

Retired businessman Bill Klein then scooped the largest pot of Saturday’s 60-minute episode after hitting bottom set on a flop of 10-9-8. Selbst, who held J-10 for top pair and a two-way straight draw, bet $18,000 and Klein raised to $58,000. Selbst called the extra $40,000 and the turn was a three. Klein continued to bet, this time $70,000, and Selbst mucked. The pot was worth $220,000 and helped Klein, who is playing for charity, claw nearer to even.

Ruffin departed after a commercial break and profited over $300,000 in his first appearance on “High Stakes Poker.” Ruffin, who sat with $800,000 in front of him, ran well throughout his stint in the show and was quite entertaining to watch.

In the final hand of Saturday’s episode, Doyle Brunson raised to $3,400 pre-flop with K-Q and Selbst called with 8-7 of spades. The flop fell 3-8-2 and Brunson check-raised to $21,000 with two overcards. Selbst, armed with top pair, called and the turn was the ace of spades. Brunson bet $35,000 and Selbst, now sporting a flush draw to go along with top pair, moved all-in for $121,900. Brunson folded and the show came to an end.

Next week on “High Stakes Poker,” World Series of Poker Main Event champion Johnny Chan joins the fray. Catch new episodes every Saturday at 8:00pm ET and 11:00pm ET on GSN.


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