Bovada’s Black Diamond Poker Open Back with $850k Prize Pool


bdpo1If you want your cut of an $850,000 prize pool, get ready for the Black Diamond Poker Open (BDPO) that Bovada Poker is hosting in February and March 2013. The poker open consists of two series – the Contender Series and the Championship Series – and features 86 events that offer guaranteed prizes of more than $150,000. The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to buy-in to participate in these events. The online poker room, Bovada, is also hosting 2000 odd satellite qualifiers that giveaway free seats to the BDPO events.


The Contender Series of the BDPO already began on February 10 and will take place through February 24. The Championship Series is from March 10 to March 24, 2013. So get started right now and register with Bovada Poker, to get your share of the prize pool while you still have a chance.


The Contender Series

The first leg of the Black Diamond Poker Open, the Contender Series, began with a Kickoff event that guaranteed a prize pool of $10,000. A total of 10 events took place until February 13, while the remaining 30 events will take place over the next 10 days. Overall, the event gives away cash prizes worth $150,000. The best part of the Contender Series is that the buy-ins of events are quite low, ranging between $3.30 and $55. Some of the events in this series that offer lucrative prizes are:

  • Turbo events during the series guarantee prizes of $2000 and more. Some of the turbo events you can partake in include – NLHE Super Turbo SS event on Feb 15 (Grtd $2,000), NLHE Turbo event on Feb 16 (Grtd $3,000), NLHE Turbo event on Feb 17 (Grtd $4,000), Shootout turbo event on Feb 19 (buy-in $33, Grtd $2,000) and the NLHE Turbo on Feb22 (Grtd $5,000). Most of these events have a buy-in of just $11.
  • Turbo PLO events – one 6-handed event on Feb 15 ($500 Grtd) and Turbo PLO on Feb 20 (Grtd$1,500) also feature in the series. An FL Omaha event takes place on Feb 21 and guarantees $2,500.
  • The NLHE Contender Series Main Event takes place on February 24, and guarantees $30,000. The buy-in for this event is the highest, at $55. Players who didn’t win big in the Main Event are given a second chance in the Contender Series Second Chance event that guarantees $10,000. This event has a buy-in of $33.

The Championship Series

For a share of the larger pie of $750,000, you can participate in the Championship Series that takes place between March 10 and March 24, 2013. The first event in this series is the Kickoff event that guarantees $25,000. So yes, you get to win bigger prizes in this series, of course at slightly higher buy-ins. Details of some of the Championship Series events you might not want to miss are mentioned below.

  • $162 buy-in NLHE event on March 11 guarantees $40,000, which makes it a tournament that cannot be missed.
  • Through the series, there are 13 turbo events in NLHE and PLO, offering guaranteed prizes worth thousands. Some of these turbo events you could consider for good cash include –
    • $109 NLHE Turbo SS on March 10 (Grtd $20,000)
    • NLHE Heads-Up Turbo on March 11 (Grtd $8,000)
    • $162 NLHE Turbo on March 12 (Grtd $20,000)
    • $33 Turbo rebuy NLHE event on March 13 (Grtd 15,000)
    • $109 NLHE Turbo on March 17 (Grtd 25,000) and
    • $25 Knockout Turbo on March 22 (buy-in $109, Grtd 15,000).

The Championship Series Main Event takes place on March 24, at 4:02 pm. The NLHE event has a buy-in of $450 and guarantees $250,000. The Second Chance event also takes place on the same day, at 6:02 pm. It has a buy-in of $162 and guarantees $30,000.

You can buy-in directly to these events for a confirmed seat, or test your poker skills by participating in the satellites that Bovada is hosting until through March 24.


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