bwin Launches Mac Poker Client


Mac poker players rejoice! Gone are the days of utilizing the Ongame Network’s web-based client to play online poker on bwin. The site is the latest to introduce a fully downloadable version for poker enthusiasts using the alternate operating system. There’s only one requirement to take advantage of the exciting new addition to the bwin family: Have a Mac that runs OS X 10.4 or later. Let’s take a look at what else was added to bwin besides a brand spanking new Mac client.

What’s so important about a having fully downloadable Mac poker client for bwin, you ask? You can play with all of the bells and whistles of your Windows counterparts. Nearly every feature that’s available to those plucking away on their Dells is available to you, giving Mac lovers every edge needed to win. A press release distributed by bwin notes, “This Mac version is a full rich client version with no reduction of features in comparison to the Windows version.” bwin is the flagship site of the Ongame Network and its parent company is publicly traded on the Vienna Stock Exchange. If you’re looking for a reputable site, look no further than bwin.

bwin players can also browse the tables from the lobby, which features an innovative preview pane that sits off to the right of the list of tables. Before this addition to the bwin software client, customers had to open each table one by one to look at stack sizes and scan for available seats. Now, all of this information is available from the lobby. You can even plop down at an open seat with the click of the mouse. Once you open a table, you can now resize it, a popular feature across many of the Net’s online poker rooms. Resizable tables are longtime staples of sites like PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker. I remember when Full Tilt’s resizable tables came out and the industry went bonkers. Being able to resize your virtual felts makes optimizing your screen space a cinch.

Also on bwin’s tables, you’ll find a content panel that sits off to the right. It is divided into three parts. The top third covers bwin promotions, the middle reviews hand histories, and the bottom serves as the chat box. bwin’s website notes that the game play review window “includes an up-to-date graphic representation of action from the board.” All three fields are customizable, but add to the size of your table. bwin’s software is extremely pleasing to the eyes. Each player is represented by a caricature at the table, including an aspiring James Bond and Doyle Brunson.

Several changes were introduced into tournaments on bwin. First and foremost, the tournament lobby has been revamped to include a bevy of critical information such as players and their chip counts, table members and seating arrangement, prize pools and structures, and information about rebuys and add-ons. Just like the table preview pane for cash games, the tournament lobby gives you a sneak peek of the action. You can filter the bwin lobby by game type, buy-in, and tournament type. Alternately, you may elect to view only sit and gos, multi-table tournaments, cash games, and play money tables. It’s that easy.

Ante tournaments have been added to the Ongame Network site. If you’ve never played in these before, ante tournaments mean more money in the pot pre-flop, often leading to more action. If you don’t believe me, then believe bwin: “The introduction of antes creates more exciting pre-flop play as it becomes much more interesting to steal the blinds as these now include the antes.”


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