CarbonPoker’s Last Man Standing – Over $35,000 In Prizes


Carbon poker promotion last man standingEvery once in a while, a promotion comes along that has a chance to give poker players some serious cash just for spending some time playing on a site consistently. This is what the situation is with the newest promotion from Carbon Poker is. Players have the chance to play for over $25k in prizes to be split up between 50 players, and they will be awarding this money to the most loyal and consistent players on their site as well. The promotion is a grind, but it’s one that players can make some serious money with, especially if you can be profitable while playing!

Now, in order to get a piece of that $25k, you will have to play consistently from the 1st of May through the 29th of June, and earn a specific number of VIP Points each day as well. The Carbon Poker promotion starts off requiring only a low number of VIP Points daily (50 points for a few days), but increases throughout the month. By the end of May, you will find that you have to earn 750 per day in order to remain in the promotion. You can only miss three days through the first 45 to remain in the promotion, and after the 45 days you have to hit every day. Through June you have to earn more than 1000 VIP Points per day, and the final day will be an incredible 25000 points! Now, the idea is simply to be the “Last Man Standing” (the name of the promotion), so you just have to outlast and outplay those other players in the promo.

If you are able to be the last player remaining in the promotion then you will win $6k, and second place gets $4k! Players will also earn entries into special freerolls as well through the site, so while it is going to be a tough task to win the whole promo, it will be one that is definitely worth it if you can make it through the fun grind!

Play at Carbon Poker Now – and be sure to use the bonus code “MACPOKER” for your special 150% up to $750 bonus in addition to this great promotion!


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