When planning to do online transactions in Hungary, or want to play in online poker sites that accept Abaqoos,  you are more likely than not to use Abaqoos as your payment option. The bearer of an Abaqoos account uses a unique voucher to fund their account, and this voucher is funded via bank transfers. Most Hungarian banks authorize these transfers including Budapest Bank, OTP Bank, K&H Bank, CIB Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, MKB Bank, Erste Bank, Unicredit Bank, and Hungarian Post Office.

The process of opening an Abaqoos account is very simple. You just fill in a form that is provided and then you obtain an Abaqoos voucher username that you have to enter into the Notice/Remarks section every time you are sending cash. No other info except your username is required.

In case it’s necessary to recharge your voucher, you can use the cash in the Abaqoos bank account. It takes 5 minutes after paying the cash for the cashier to credit your account. Weekends are a different case, though, as you have to wait till the following opening day for this cash to reflect. When you opt for bank tranfers via any of the Hungarian banks supporting Abaqoos payments, it may take a little bit longer for your account to be credited. Usually, this is determined by the opening hours of the different banks. Some banks come with great convenience as they operate 24/7.

When you use an Abaqoos voucher, you do not have a time limit or expiration date. Another advantage is that you can recharge it via phone. In this case, an assistant in the bank will enter your personal details for you. However, credit cards cannot send cash to an Abaqoos voucher.

As a casino player, you can also withdraw via Abaqoos on poker sites that accept Abaqoos. In addition, there is the Abaqoos wallet, which is accessible to OTP Bank private customers with OTPdirect contract. Open an Abaqoos account and start enjoying playing casino games on sites that accept Abaqoos.