A bank draft is an electronic instruction or slip of paper authorizing transfers between bank accounts and on casinos that accept bank draft. In the US it’s also called check. You will usually find it as an online casino withdrawal method, though a few casinos do accept bank draft deposits.

It’s very easy to make a deposit into your online casino account using a bank draft. You use either an electronic transfer protocol or mail the bank draft to the casino. One fundamental condition is that you have sufficient funds in your current account. A mail deposit requires that you ascertain the institution name and mailing address as the correct ones. It’s advisable to add some protection or tracking service too in order to be sure it will reach its destination.

With the electronic transfer protocol, the casino uses ACH, which is an electronic bank draft processor. You can get the casino to take care of the transfer by providing certain information. Alternatively, you can initiate the transfer yourself.

Bank draft poker sites withdrawals made using a paper bank draft are listed in the cashier section as check/cheque. Ensure you have provided a current mailing address on your account and to fully understand the withdrawal policies of the casino. Some casinos charge a fee but this is normally waivered when making large withdrawals or if you are a VIP member.

With bank draft deposits and withdrawals you get only simplicity. All you need is a bank account and you get to send and receive money from online casinos that accept bank drafts without having to bring in the services of third-party payment processors. One last thing you should do is report to a casino support representative that you have sent the bank draft.