Swedbank is the provider of BankLink service, an online payment processing service that people living in Sweden, Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania can use to make payments to online poker sites that accept Bank Link.

It’s very easy to make a deposit into your online casino account using BankLink. You just select BankLink as your preferred deposit option in the casino you are registered with and then you enter the deposit amount. You complete the transaction after being directed to a secure Swedbank website. The funds reflect in your account instantly. In this process, the casino gets no access to any sensitive banking info. However, BankLink deposits come with a small fee.

There are many reasons why BankLink stands out. First, it’s the fastest way of sending money to online casinos for players in Sweden, Latvia, and Estonia. It takes only minutes to run a BankLink transfer when you have a Swedbank account. There is no manual processing. Also, you get instant access to the funds. Another reason is that this is one of the most secure deposit options in the industry. No third party gets your banking details. So, it’s an ideal choice for a casino player after convenience.

Unfortunately, BankLink is available only to holders of Swedbank accounts and it’s not available as a withdrawal option even for casinos that accept BankLink.