DotPay, a Polish Company, is among the most trusted and foolproof method of making payments online. DotPay (known as AllPay until 2008) offers you with a fast and easy way of making online payments. The company has been an indisputable leader in Europe for individuals, merchants and companies seeking a reliable etransfer option and today, there are a growing number of casinos that accept DotPay as a payment method.

DotPay boasts a highly experienced team with many years of experience. They also offer low fees, no fixed fees and an amazing customer service that is 100% customer oriented. DotPay also has an international appeal as it is available in a variety of languages. The service is also extremely easy to use and they also have an iPhone/iPad app that you can use to make your transactions on the go.

There are many top poker sites that accept DotPay for its fast, secure, reliable and excellent reputation. DotPay is a top online ewallet service providers and is always making software updates in an effort to stay on the top.