There is a growing number of poker sites that accept eCard as a payment method. The reason behind this is simple. eCard S.A. is a credible and innovative e-finance company based in Warsaw, Poland. The company focuses on delivering electronic payment solutions using payment cards and ePayments. eCard S.A. uses high tech products and services that reduce the transaction time and processing cost, immensely. eCard S.A. services can be deployed online via IVR and call center and can be used for recurring payments.

Depositing to eCard poker sites is instant, and though this might differ from one website to another, the time taken to process the payments and get them funded to your gaming account should not take more than 24 hours. eCard S.A.  also does not charge a service fee.

Many casinos that accept eCard also allow for eCard withdrawals. Withdrawals take between two and four business days for the money to be funded to your eCard S.A. account.