eChecks are among some of the newer online payment solutions, though, the idea of how they work can be traced back to the history and use of paper checks.  Simply put, an eCheck is more or less similar to a physical check; the only difference is that it is electronic. eChecks allow you to make payments directly from your bank account to your preferred eCheck poker site.

To be able to use an eCheck on poker sites that accept eChecks, you have to have a checking account with your bank. If you already have one, dig up a check to find your routing number and your account number. These two details are the most important and your eCheck Provider will use them to complete transactions.

The money takes 3-5 business days to be funded to your poker account. The minimum deposit amount is $50 and a maximum of $1000 per day. Keep in mind that these are just average figures and the maximum amount allowed will differ from one poker room to another.

eChecks are a good payment solution for US poker players, though it is important to check with your bank policy to see if payments to poker sites using the method is accepted.

eChecks are very safe to use as they will not disclose your private information to casinos that accept eChecks. Though it is a slower method of depositing money to a poker account, it is among the safest and most trusted forms of online payment.