eKonto is an online funding service and definitely a good online payment solution for online poker players. Today, there are a good number of poker sites that accept eKonto as a payment solution. eKonto is affiliated to eBanka and Raiffeisen Bank and is based in the Czech Republic. To start enjoying their amazing online payment service, you need to register an online account with them.

With eKonto, online poker players can be able to store funds in their accounts in 9 different currencies. What’s more is the fact that you do not have to pay a fee to set up an account. Other than being an appropriate way of funding poker accounts for poker sites that accept eKonto, the service can also be used to manage pension plans, mortgage plans, authorize debits and even can even have time deposits.

eKonto customer service is available 24/7, all year through and the wonderful service is provided by trained bank tellers who are experienced and knowledgeable.

eKonto poker sites are increasing by the day thanks to the high security, over the years reputation and excellent services provided by the company.