EPS is gaining more use online and casinos that accept EPS actually place a lot of value on quality of service, payment guarantee, confidentiality, security, and anonymity. This payment option allows simple, secure, and fast payment transactions for millions of casino players.

To start using this payment method online, you should first, register an EPS account and then get your login information. You should then verify your EPS account by registering your bank account with it. After setting this up (and it takes a very short time and happens in real time), you’d go to any of the EPS casinos and open an account. You should then select EPS as the preferred deposit payment.

The next thing is to provide your EPS identification details and you will be securely transferred to your bank account after which you should transfer the funds through EPS. You will not be required to provide your banking details to any of the EPS poker sites. This eliminates any chances of fraud.

Of course, after being transferred to your banking account, you need to give your secure login information, which adds more protection against any unauthorized access through your EPS account. By using this method, poker sites that accept EPS would like to maintain their reliability by eliminating any possibility of fraud or default in their financial transactions.