Instant Bank casinos are home to players from Europe and particularly Finland, Norway and Sweden. However, it is expanding to other parts of Europe and international players can use it as well. The payment option allows an instant transfer meaning you can immediately access your funds in your casino account.

To start using it, you should register and then offer some financial and personal information. After registering, you can directly use your regular bank account to fund the Instant Bank account. When funding your casino account using Instant Bank, you’ll complete the transaction once you go to your online bank. Besides, you can easily use this method to withdraw funds from casinos that accept Instant Bank.

This payment method has several advantages. Instant Bank doesn’t have an account limit and so, you can deposit or withdraw the amount you wish. Second, there’s no waiting period when it comes to the transfer of funds to Instant Bank poker sites, hence it encourages speedy withdrawals and deposits.

Moreover, you don’t need to download or install software in order to use Instant Bank. The customer support is available round the clock and with many poker sites that accept Instant Bank, you can choose where to play and proceed to withdraw your winnings using this method.