Casinos that accept Nordea offer instant payment transfers to their players. One of the reasons that make Nordea reputable is that it is linked to Moneybookers thus allowing players to make safe transfers to their casino accounts. Nordea services Finland and Norway plus 19 more countries. Transactions based in Finland and Norway may be carried out directly through Nordea but any transactions outside these two nations must occur through a linked Moneybookers account.

To transfer funds to Nordea casinos, you must link your Nordea account to your Moneybookers one. To add money to your Nordea account, you will need to fill out the registration forms and provide your account details. You don’t need to pay any maintenance or registration fees, and after funding your Nordea account, you can be able to add funds to Nordea poker sites using the Moneybookers account connected to the Nordea account.

The benefit of using Nordea is that it supports casino deposits and withdrawals as well. This makes it an all-in-one payment system. Besides, this service allows you to remain anonymous while transacting at poker sites that accept Nordea since all your financial details are kept private. Additionally, as a Nordea user, you can easily contact their dedicated customer support staff if you have any account issues.