If you would like to instantly and safely add money to your casino account, then you should play at casinos that accept On Demand Funds. If you wouldn’t like to use a credit card in funding casinos, then On Demand Funds will work for you. While using this option as your casino payment method, you will enjoy guaranteed security and great privacy.

This is a great option to fund your casino account directly. To add funds to your On Demand Funds casinos, you simply need to make the toll free call and then use your MasterCard, US checking point, or Visa. Provided the casino supports this method, it will provide you with a unique player ID and a reference number.

If you fund your account at On Demand Funds using a credit card, it will take one hour for your deposits to clear in the casino. However, checking account payments may take about 5 days before clearing.

Players from any part of the world can go to poker sites that accept On Demand Funds and complete their payments. This is a convenient way to add funds to your casino or poker account and the payment method does not attract any service or registration fees. Many players prefer using On Demand Funds poker sites because they find it easy to deposit or withdraw their funds using this method.