Many casino players prefer prepaid ATM casinos because of the safety and convenience at such online casinos. A prepaid ATM is a card that enables one to draft funds from a linked bank account just like you would do with an ordinary debit card but unlike the conventional debit card, money in a prepaid ATM card is loaded from an online processor account and not from a checking account. Prepaid ATMs usually contain the logo of a known credit card account like MasterCard or Visa.

To deposit funds into casinos that accept prepaid ATM, you should load your account first.  You can do this from a credit card or a verified bank account. A fee may apply for this transfer.  After loading the prepaid ATM card, you should log into your casino account and select ‘debit/credit card’ option. After selecting the amount to be deposited, you should now enter the card number, the card’s brand, expiry date and CVV number if required.

Your deposit should be available at any prepaid ATM poker sites within seconds. The greatest benefit of this payment method is that it allows you to be in control of your own funds. You will take time to add funds to any poker sites that accept prepaid ATM and so, you will be careful not to exceed your gambling budget.