Several players choose to play at casinos that accept Rapid Transfer because such casinos offer them convenience. It is just another version of transferring payment using Money Gram. When playing at Rapid Transfer casinos, you can transfer funds in two main ways.

First, you can contact the casino’s customer support and they will initiate the transfer for you. The casinos or poker sites that accept Rapid Transfer will then direct you to the nearby Money Gram agent. Next, you will then go to this agent’s location and then choose to pay them through a credit card or in cash. After the money is transferred to Money Gram, it will then be transferred to your casino account in a few days.

The other alternative is to transfer the funds without calling the customer support. You simply need to visit the Money Gram branch and then complete the payment information plus the casino information.

You will then receive a reference number that will be entered by the Rapid Transfer poker sites or casinos in order to receive your deposit. The same approach may work with withdrawals as well. Using this method may be free or may attract a small fee depending on the casino or poker room using it.