Many poker players prefer Poker sites that accept Santander simply because it is a safe and secure means of making online payments and transfers. The beauty about Santander is that one can manage his/her account from an online platform, including Smartphones. It is a normal banking platform and the transactions are thus very secure.

It is a conventional deposit method since you transfer funds from the bank account and registration is free for users with debit cards. All that is required is your personal details and the registration goes through once the details are verified. Money transfers can then be made to all the Santander casinos of your choice for as long as the bank account has some money.

All transactions are carried out online and there is no need to go to any of the bank branches. This is advantageous for poker sites that accept Santander because there are no inconveniences as money is transferred in real time to the poker site and it can also be transferred into the card holder’s account.

The security of your account details while depositing into the Santander poker sites is guaranteed since it uses a unique combination of images and phrases for every user.