Individuals who are uncomfortable with loading money on cards and using them online to pay for poker games can opt for casinos that accept Sofort. Sofort is a German company that is available in 10 European countries and more than 25,000 online shops. Using Sofort does not require any credit cards and no registration is required to use Sofort, although an online bank account and online banking information is required. Orders are confirmed immediately, meaning that minimal time is taken for the Sofort casino to receive the money. The orders are prefilled so that there is no risk of filling in the wrong details.

The banking details that you enter will not be saved, meaning that there is no risk of someone pulling them off the Internet. The security of transactions is very high and so far no fraud cases have been reported. No extra costs arise when you deposit money into Sofort poker sites, and so poker players can save on transaction costs.

Payments are easier to make and get reflected much faster when using Sofort.