Yandex is a Russian Internet company that runs the largest search engine in Russia and also offers other Internet based products and services that are able to help poker players fund their poker accounts in Yandex poker sites. An example is Yandex.Money that is used to make payments for different types of transactions over the Internet or even at supermarkets.

Starting out requires you to go the main Yandex.Money website where you will first register to open an e-Wallet. You can then load money to your Yandex account from any bank account. You can also collect Yandex.Money from other people for whichever project you intend to use it. After this, you can spend what is in the account by depositing it into poker sites that accept Yandex.

Transfers can be made to and from other Yandex users. You can withdraw money from your account by transferring it into a bank account. However, this does not apply to US bank accounts. There are deposit limits for certain casinos that accept Yandex, although this will not hinder you from playing.

This service is very fast and secure for all transactions. Wins made from Yandex casinos can be moved to any bank account of your choice with just the click of a button.