Earning Player Points and Swag


Carbon Poker VIP ProgramThe progressive development of online poker wasn’t by chance; there are certain elements and features of online poker that the live game cannot duplicate. One of these advantages is in regards to poker player points and rewards, and the online community has made it known that they deeply appreciate the poker bonuses that sites now provide.

Depending on the online poker site you choose, you’ll find various types of rewards systems available – from tier systems to strictly cash back – and depending on what you’re most interested in you’ll be able to find an environment that’s tailored to your preference. Luckily, the prestige of earning massive amounts of poker player points on some poker sites has allowed them to become highly sought-after achievements; feats so difficult to accomplish that you’re immediately considered one of the best players in the game if you do.

Through our dialogue we’ve hinted that there are many ways to use player points, but we want to give you a brief run down on some of the methods for redemption.

How To Earn Massive Amounts of Poker Player Points

It sounds trivial, but one of the biggest components that players ignore in terms of earning poker player points is volume. If you’ve never played online poker before, you’ll need to know that playing in real-money poker games is the only way you’ll be able to earn player points. Nonetheless, playing in one or two tournaments or cash games a month isn’t going to earn you many points. In order to collect “swag” and other bonus items, you’ll want to play as much as possible.

A site such as Carbon Poker will reward players for being loyal and playing large amounts of tournaments and cash games. Obviously, playing in real-money games just to solely earn poker player points won’t be beneficial to your bankroll, particularly if you’re a losing or inexperienced player. You’ll also want to put your best foot forward so that you can earn money in the process, hopefully evolving into a steady winner who also benefits from daily accrued bonus points. Ideally, poker player points will accumulate best if you’re a proficient, winning player AND you play large volume, but this isn’t mandatory. There are many players who started out recreationally, and later became professionals because of all of the time and effort they expended in their endeavor.

Multi-tabling is by far one of the best ways to increase your rate of point accumulation, and it is often the most efficient. As we’ve stated, however, don’t take this suggestion too far by 12-tabling if your results suffer overall. Furthermore, you could begin losing more money than you could earn back in rewards also. (Even a losing month can turn profitable if you receive cash back and a few rewards in the process.)

Playing for higher stakes will also help you acquire more points. The more money you provide in tournament fees and rake, the more points you’ll be given in return. High-stakes players often get the best “swag”, clothing, electronics and luxury items because they’re typically high volume players who win and contribute heavily in terms of advertisement, exposure and profit. But any individual could work their way up to that level with some determination!

By moving up in buy-in levels, or even reward tier levels, you’ll have the chance to boost the rate at which you earn poker player points. You can earn more cash back, better “swag”, and be given the royal VIP treatment from your favorite online site. They may even ask you to go pro if you’re good enough!

Rake and Fee Explanation

For those unaware of what rake is, it’s simply a percentage of the pot (determined by the site) that’s taken away any time a flop is seen in a cash game. For tournaments, rake is non-existent because players are usually charged a “tournament fee” – an upfront charge which goes directly to the site.

Different sites have different rake and fee structures, and you’ll want to know this information before choosing one in particular. Depending on the site you choose, you’ll be able to locate much of this information either on their web site, or through their downloadable platform.

Redeeming Poker Player Points

This is the best part of point accumulation; the chance to use them for cool items and apparel. Otherwise known as “swag”, players have the opportunity to use all or a portion of their point total at the site’s online poker store for gifts. Almost every online poker site has a rewards store, and even if they don’t, you’ll almost always be able to use your points for cash back.

We want to stress that spending your points as soon as you earn them is not always a smart idea – often times those who are most patient gather hundreds of thousands of points before they redeem them and use them on much more beneficial items. It’s always fun to sport logoed merchandise from your favorite online poker brand, but wouldn’t a 60” plasma television be more mesmerizing? How about a brand new 27” Apple iMac to use while playing poker? These items can be found in most online poker stores, and you can own them simply by giving up your poker player points.

If you truly reach the highest levels of point accumulation, many sites will even consider you to be one of the best players on their site! They usually reward their best players with custom, exclusive rewards – cars, custom avatars, or sponsorship – and you may land in this position with some hard work. Many luxury items even come standard within the point stores, you’ll just need to earn some points to unlock them!

Rapport goes a long way in poker and if you’re looking to make a name for yourself, earn some cool “swag”, and also make some cash in the process join one of our online poker sites today!


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