First Exclusive Red Kings Rake Race pays $3,750, Second Race is just Beginning


red-kings-poker-rake-raceDecember has been a very special month for MacPoker players because they’ve been competing in an exclusive, two-part rake race at Red Kings Poker. The first part of the race, which happened from December 1st – 15th, has already concluded with $3,750 in prizes being paid out to 75 different players.

But the second race has just begun, which means everybody still has a chance to win part of another $3,750 prize pool. We’ll discuss how MacPoker players can get into the second race later, but first, let’s go over the results of the first race.

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Results from First Red Kings Rake Race

The best thing about being in an exclusive rake race is that the number of participants compared to the number of prize winners is relatively small. Such was the case with MacPoker’s exclusive race from December 1st – 15th because only 150 players competed for the money. Seeing as how 75 grinders received a payout, this means half the participants earned a share of $3,750! We won’t list the entire leaderboard results from the first rake race because that would be extremely long. However, you can take a look at the top 25 finishers below:

1st. Player ID 2262680, raked $2746.80, earned the $700 first place prize
2nd. Player ID 2356668, raked $2214.21, earned a $500 prize
3rd. Player ID 2554214, raked $1883.70, earned $350
4th. Player ID 2339244, raked $1842.08, earned $275
5th. Player ID 2101368, raked $1307.02, earned $200
6th. Player ID 2553883, raked $1191.59, earned $175
7th. Player ID 2063715, raked $1075.63, earned $137.50
8th. Player ID 2553009, raked $1060.56, earned $112.50
9th. Player ID 2329577, raked $1049.40, earned $100
10th. Player ID 2340182, raked $992.23, earned $87.50
11th. Player ID 2036559, raked $741.60, earned $87.50
12th. Player ID 2201867, raked $641.75, earned $75
13th. Player ID 2059499, raked $625.31, earned $62.50
14th. Player ID 2295699, raked $601.25, earned $62.50
15th. Player ID 2555847, raked $580.81, earned $50
16th. Player ID 2322877, raked $511.36, earned $50
17th. Player ID 2323914, raked $484.72, earned $37.50
18th. Player ID 2333486, raked $482.64, earned $37.50
19th. Player ID 2554666, raked $466.28, earned $37.50
20th. Player ID 2554503, raked $427.68, earned $37.50
21st. Player ID 2545387, raked $413, earned $25
22nd. Player ID 2240923, raked $412.20, earned $25
23rd. Player ID 2549335, raked $396.37, earned $25
24th. Player ID 2554852, raked $328.65, earned $25
25th. Player ID 554216, raked $300.60, earned $25

Play in the Poker EXCLUSIVE Rake Race Now!

Join in the Second Red Kings Race Now!

If you’re interested in earning big cash prizes like the players listed above, it’s really easy to get started. All you need to do is sign up at Red Kings Poker through MacPoker and make a deposit. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be entered into the exclusive race that runs from December 16th – 31st. So there is still plenty of time to get involved in this competition and make some money!

From here you need to earn Player Points through tournaments and/or cash games. Each Player Point is worth one Leaderboard Point for the rake race, and those with the most Leaderboard Points by the end of December 31st will receive cash prizes.

While the top 75 positions are set to receive prizes, one important stipulation to note is that players need to rake at least $125 during the race period to qualify. Those who do qualify and finish within the top 75 players have to visit their account and click “Claim Prizes” by January 7th or their payout is invalid.

Above all, remember that $3,750 is awaiting the top finishers in this rake race. And seeing as how just 150 people participated last time, each player has an excellent chance at collecting a prize. All you need to do is sign up at Red Kings through our MacPoker link and hit the tables!

Play in the Poker EXCLUSIVE Rake Race Now!

What Else is at Red Kings in December?

The December promotions at this site aren’t just limited to rake races because there are also some other nice events going on right now. Here are a few different promos that you may find interesting:

$30,000 X-Mas Cracker – Red Kings has been hosting a $30,000 X-Mas Cracker tournament series this month and it includes $20k worth of value-added events along with $10k in freerolls. There are still 14 regular tourneys left in X-Mas Cracker, and Red Kings will add a collective $14,500 to these events. Seeing as how buy-ins range from $1.20 to $5.50, it doesn’t cost much at all to compete in these value-added tournaments! As for the freerolls, prize pools will be worth $2,000, $3,000 and $5,000. Each freeroll costs tokens, and you receive one token for every regular X-Mas Cracker tournament you enter.

$150,000 ChampionChip – If you’re looking to play for big money, few events are better than the Sunday $150,000 ChampionChip at this site. The direct buy-in is $190 + $10, and you can also win a ChampionChip seat through satellites which cost as little as $1.20.

EU Grand Prix $50,000 Guaranteed – Another great tourney at Red Kings Poker is the $50,000 EU Grand Prix. This event runs every Saturday at 20:00 CET, and you can buy into it for $150 + $12.

Play in the Poker EXCLUSIVE Rake Race Now!


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