FTOPS XIV in Full Swing on Full Tilt Poker


Full Tilt Poker, the second largest poker site on the internet, is currently running its popular poker Full Tilt Online Poker Series (FTOPS).  Currently in its 14th incarnation, FTOPS has 25 events with a combined guaranteed prize pool of $16 million.  Full Tilt Poker was the first major site to adopt a Mac-friendly OS X native software client and is a favorite among Mac players.

FTOPS XIV kicked off with Event #1, a $200+$16 Six-Max No Limit Hold’em tournament.  With a million dollar prize pool, the event captured 4,694 players, meaning that there was an overlay of over $61,000 paid by the site to meet the guarantee.  That equates to 306 buy-ins of free money put into the prize pool.  In the end, there was a deal made with four players remaining.

Event #2 started the next day, a $200+$16 Seven-Game Six-Max tournament hosted by David Chiu.  The guarantee was $150,000 and the event attracted 838 players, meaning the prize pool was actually over $160,000.  The winner of the event was “RymesWOrange,” who took home $35,782 despite being ranked as a losing cash game player according to PokerTableRatings.  Finishing in second place was “St3phenHendry” for $23,464 and for his third place efforts, “Randers” won $16,760.

The very same day, Event #3 started, a $500+$35 No Limit Hold’em 3x Shootout hosted by Eric Liu.  This event had no Full Tilt pros finish in the money and no deal made at the final table.  In fourth place was “bastet2004” for $27,337 and finishing in third was “THAY3R” for $36,450.  When it got heads-up, “chrispeace” took down the tournament and $76,545, while his opponent, “JonEeeWhite,” enjoyed a consolation prize of $51,030.

Event #5, oddly enough, attracted exactly 555 players for the $200+$16 Stud/8 tournament hosted by popular pro Jen Harman.  In the end, the winner was “Deception Pt,” who won $20,625 by besting “WB123456789,” who received $17,344 for second.  Although one was not reported on the FTIPS XIV site, there was a final table deal that allowed third place finished “kobeallst” to take home $17,974.  The fourth place finisher, by contrast, was “UFman2,” who took home $7,548.

Saturday had two big events, starting off with Event #6, a $500+$35 Pot Limit Omaha Six-Max tournament hosted by Brian Townsend.  The tournament fetched 743 players to exceed its $350,000 guarantee by $21,500. At this final table, there was no deal, but the top six players in this one all had five-figure paydays.  In sixth place was “BADBOYNEL,” who won $13,002, in fifth place was “JROBB” for $20,432, in fourth place was “ihorKIM” for $28,605, and in third place was “fuhrmanp1” for $37,632.  After a fierce final table heads-up match between “MLH90” and “Auspicious,” the winner of the FTOPS title and $79,872 went to Auspicious.  For second place, MLH90 received $52,381.

Event #7 was a $100+9 No Limit Hold’em Rebuy tournament with a huge $600,000 prize pool that brought in a whopping 2,274 players.  With the rebuys, the prize pool went up to $668,200 total.  Once again, we saw a final four deal made, with eventual fourth place finisher “VeryEuropean” getting $64,000, third place finisher “chessazhole1” getting $97,737, second place finisher “Bbuddy4brkfst” getting $79,000, and eventual winner “Toms2up” taking down $98,674.  The winner is a virtual unknown at Full Tilt with fewer than 50 hands played at cash games and a breakeven sit and go record over 266 games played lifetime.

Finally, Sunday saw two major events kick off with a $240+$16 No Limit Hold’em Knockout Six-Max tournament with an $800,000 prize pool.  With 4,639 registering, the prize pool actually exceeded $925,000.  When the action got heads-up, a deal was made that gave six-figure payouts to both “elheroe” and “nirvanakc.”  The winner, elheroe, received $143,827, while nirvanakc received 141,953.

The last tournament on Sunday was Event #10, a $300+$22 No Limit Hold’em game hosted by popular pro Phil Gordon.  The prize pool was one of the largest in the history of FTOPS at $1.5 million.  With 5,174 players, the guarantee was actually eclipsed by about $52,000.  Once again, we saw a heads-up deal made that gave winner “Jakivi” a stunning $222,137 payout, while second place finisher “rakeinfools” cashed for $228,000.  Third place finisher “FAFFEPUNCH” won $132,937 and fourth place finisher “rjmgrace” took in a payday of $99,340.

The action continues all week long at Full Tilt Poker with plenty more action and huge prize pools.  If you haven’t participated in the FTOPS events, now is the time to take part in the fun, as millions of dollars are at stake.


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