FTOPS XIV Main Event Recap


On Sunday, November 15th, the Full Tilt Online Poker Series (FTOPS) held its Main Event, a $500+$35 No Limit Texas Hold’em tournament.  The event had a whopping $2.5 million guarantee, one of the largest prize pools in Full Tilt Poker’s history.  With 5,471 players entering the tournament via direct buy-ins and satellites, the prize pool ended up at $2.7 million.  After hours of play, a three-way chop was made, with “zhivago2” taking first place for $418,839, “ItsTime2Win” finishing in second for $316,554, and well-known pro Adam Junglen scoring $290,419 for third.

The Main Event’s final nine finished in the following order:

1. zhivago2 – $418,839
2. ItsTime2Win – $316,554
3. Adam Junglen – $290,419
4. dfunks222 – $175,072
5. kinheim – $131,167
6. bankrollme87 – $90,272
7. nuts7878 – $58,813
8. Valuechecking – $41,033
9. Dr Fill Good – $28,723

Zhivago2 is an Austrian player that only two weeks ago final tabled in the Full Tilt Poker $60,000 Guaranteed for a payday of $6,200 and finished in third in the PokerStars $55 Cubed for $4,700.  Playing as zhivago2 on Full Tilt Poker, he has no cash game experience, according to Poker Table Ratings.

Adam Junglen, who finished third, is a well-known poker pro and instructor for the training site PokerVT.  He has a handful of final table finishes to his name in various live tournament settings.  Historically, Junglen doesn’t engage in online cash games and typically sticks to tournament play.   During the FTOPS Main Event, he posted in a thread specific to the tournament.  At 2:59am PT, he noted that he was in second place out of 24 players and predicted that he was going to win.  A few people still awake wished Junglen well, but it simply wasn’t mean to be, as he finished in third place.

The top placing “red” Full Tilt sponsored pro was Dave Colclough, who finished in 250th place for $1,367.  Other notable finishes in the FTOPS Main Event included Brandon Adams in 356th place for $1,121, Jeff Madsen in 377th place for $930, and Gary Jones in 614th place for $820.

Over the weekend, FTOPS had another big-money tournament with Event #22, the $2,500+$120 No Limit Hold’em Ante from the Start Two-Day Event with a $2 million guarantee.  Newly signed Full Tilt Pro and November Nine member James Akenhead hosted the tournament.  Like the Main Event, this tournament also exceeded the guarantee via the 938 registrants for a prize pool of $2.3 million.  The final nine in this tournament in order of finish were:

1. Obiedam – $539,350
2. Supa4real – $340,025
3. Timvd20 – $252,087
4. Gary Jones – $193,462
5. the_real_magic – $146,562
6. TheAlligatorNo1 – $105,525
7. Ahvall – $70,350
8. DanOBrien – $54,873
9. Rabbit_hunterSA – $39,865

With FTOPS XIV concluded, the tournament focus for Full Tilt Poker turns to the MiniFTOPS XIV, which will start up on December 9th and conclude on December 20th.  The circuit has 25 events identical to those played in the FTOPS series at only at 10% of the buy-in.  The series includes the MiniFTOPS Two-Day Event with a $250+$16 buy-in and a $400,000 guarantee and the MiniFTOPS Main Event with a $50+$5 buy-in and $600,000 guarantee.  Satellites are running now at Full Tilt Poker.

With $16 million guaranteed eclipsed by a few million dollars, FTOPS XIV was a resounding success for the world’s second largest online poker site.  With multiple prize pools exceeding $2 million, there’s no slowing down for arguably the most popular online tournament series going today.  Visit Full Tilt Poker for full details.


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