Full Tilt Poker Introduces Multi-Entry Tournaments


Last year, Full Tilt Poker saw serious growth thanks in part to a slew of new features and drastically improved software.  Recently, the main representative of Full Tilt, FTPDoug, announced on the forums that another huge update had come to the world’s second largest online poker site.

The first major new feature was Multi-Entry Tournaments.  Now, players can play in the same tournament multiple times if this feature is available.  This is not multi-accounting, however, as there is no unfair advantage since everyone could benefit from this option.  If you decide to have multiple entries in the same Multi-Entry Tournament, then you would never be seated with yourself and if you eventually have more entries than there are tables, you will be forced to merge your stacks together.

In these tournaments, if you bust, you can register again to jump into the action if late registration is still open.  Most of the Multi-Entry Tournaments have a limit of four entries, but this might increase or decrease depending on feedback.  Nine of the upcoming Full Tilt Online Poker Series (FTOPS) tournaments will be played in this unique format.

Another major new feature was the advancement of the Black Card program to include tiers.  Now, players can earn 3X Full Tilt Points (FTPs) when their 100-day running average is 1,500 FTPs and 4X when it is over 3,000.  That means if you are playing during a Happy Hour, you could be earning 6X FTPs.  In addition to the point multiplier, the top two tiers can use the new Black Card Carte Blanche system, a concierge program.

As part of the major update, several brand new features that you can use at the tables were introduced.  The first one is a “Sit Out All Tables” option that allows you to sit out at the next big blind at every table.  There are also new options to be found next to the “Sit Out Next Hand” and “Sit Out Next BB” advanced action checkboxes, which make it very handy for ending a session in proper fashion.

There are also new Badugi and Nine-Game tournaments, which will make an appearance in the next FTOPS.  There is now also a “Run It Twice” option in Mixed Games for the No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha parts of Mixed Games.

In the thread on the TwoPlusTwo forums, FTPDoug addressed a number of questions stemming from the last update. One of the more requested features is instant cash bonuses rather than ones that have to be earned through play.  Because players who buy tournament tickets are forced to play when making a purchase, the policy of Full Tilt is to make cash players play through their bonuses in order to be consistent.

Also discussed were MGR hits for cash bonuses for rakeback players, which essentially reduce all cash bonus values by about 27%.  FTPDoug said it’s very unlikely that Full Tilt Poker would remove that MGR hit because they are there to share the costs of players with affiliates.

One of the last major requests confirmed to be in motion involved the Tournament Leaderboard (TLB).  A player requested to see better rewards for the TLB, where right now the top 200 players get access to a freeroll where only the first place finisher gets a $12,000 prize package.  FTPDoug pledged in the thread that he would get the ball rolling on this request.

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