Full Tilt Poker Launches Double Guarantees Week


A total of $30 million will be up for grabs from January 24th to January 30th as part of Double Guarantees Week on Full Tilt Poker. The world’s second largest online poker site is pulling out all the stops this time around and incorporating its brand new multi-entry tournament concept.

Full Tilt’s weekly tournaments will see their guarantees doubled during the promotional period. The $1K Monday, for example, will boast a rich $600,000 prize pool. The Daily Dollar, a $1 buy-in event that runs twice every day, will feature a $20,000 guaranteed purse. The $75,000 Guarantee, a tournament that many top players have won at some point in their careers, will boast at least $150,000 in prize money that week. Rounding out the major weekday tournaments are the Fifty-Fifty and the Double Deuce, which will shell out $100,000 and $400,000, respectively.

Sundays on Full Tilt Poker feature some of the largest tournaments of the week. After all, it is the one day online poker players convene en masse to vie for multi-million dollar prize pools and, on January 30th, there will be a lot to be thankful for. The Sunday Brawl, a $256 buy-in high-stakes bounty tournament, will see its guarantee doubled to a massive $800,000. The Sunday Mulligan, which gives players one last chance to reverse their fortunes every week, will boast a $400,000 prize pool.

The granddaddy of weekly tournaments on Full Tilt is the $750,000 Guarantee, whose prize pool will total $1.5 million for one day only. The $216 buy-in online poker tournament is sure to boast quite a crowd given the amount of cash up for grabs. All told, at least $2.5 million in prize money will be on the line that Sunday, making it one of the richest days in the history of our industry.

Hopefully we have pumped you up for Double Guarantees Week on Full Tilt Poker. Get ready to be rocked even more, however. Hold onto something! Full Tilt recently introduced multi-entry tournaments, which allow players to enter multi-table tournaments more than once. Essentially, you can multi-table a single tournament and every event has its own maximum number of buy-ins.

Every guaranteed tournament during the week will be converted into a multi-entry event. However, text found on Full Tilt Poker’s website reveals, “Please note that while guaranteed shootout and cashout tournaments will have their prize money doubled during the week, they are not available as multi-entry tournaments.”

Multi-entry tournaments have become the latest craze to sweep the online poker world. You can use your multiple entries from the onset or elect to buy in again if you go broke at any point while late registration is open. You’re never allowed to have multiple “shells” at the same table, however, and will instead have your stacks combined if necessary.

On the online poker forum PocketFives.com, players have been actively debating the proper strategy for multi-entry tournaments. After one poster questioned whether you should adopt an overly aggressive style, another member of the community responded, “I don’t see why you would play it any differently than you would play four separate freezeouts because that’s pretty much what this is. If you want to play one of them aggro, fine, but I don’t think that’s dictated by the format of the tournament.”

Other posters questioned whether the overlays they’ve come to enjoy during past installments of Double Guarantees Week will go the way of the dodo this time around: “This move from FTP is clearly their way of ensuring that they wont have to give out any overlay in these tourneys, something the regulars appreciate getting once a year from FTP, as they pay thousands of dollars in rake.” Whether we’ll still see overlays given that players can register multiple times remains to be seen.

Visit Full Tilt for more details on Double Guarantees Week and multi-entry tournaments.


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