Full Tilt Poker Launches Fast $50 Promotion


In celebration of the popularity of Rush Poker, Full Tilt Poker is offering players at least $50 in free bonus money.  All players have to do is log into Full Tilt Poker and accept the bonus offer.

Any player with an account at Full Tilt Poker who has made an initial deposit will receive at least $50.  Players must accept their Fast $50 bonus offer by 23:59 ET on March 14th and unlock it by playing real money cash or tournament games.  If you have made your initial deposit at Full Tilt Poker and finished any active bonus by 18:30 ET on February 21st, you will receive a Fast $50 bonus offer immediately.

If you have not made your initial deposit, you have until 23:59 ET on March 10th to do so and finish your 100% first deposit bonus.  Then, you will then receive a Fast $50 offer by March 12th and have until the deadline to accept it.  For players with an active bonus, you will have until 23:59 ET on March 10th to clear it.  If you do, you will then receive a Fast $50 bonus offer by March 12th and should accept it by the aforementioned deadline.

To accept your Fast $50 bonus offer, open up the Full Tilt Poker client and log in.  Then, from the top menu, select “Requests” and click on “Check my Bonus Offer.”  Once you have done that, a window with your bonus offer will pop up.  If you want to accept the offer, click on “Accept Offer” to activate your bonus.

To earn your Fast $50 bonus, you will need to first accept your bonus offer to have it activated for your account.  After that, earn Full Tilt Points (FTPs) in any real money game on the site, which includes cash games, sit and gos, tournaments, and Rush Poker.  The latter are designed for fast and furious action and allow you to immediately move to a new table and a new hand as soon as you press the “Fold” button.  By playing three to four times the number of hands per hour at Rush Poker tables, this is probably the fastest way to unlock your bonus money.

Every player who accepts the Fast $50 offer will have 30 days to release the bonus money by earning the required number of FTPs.  All players will clear $0.06 of their bonus for every FTP they earn.

FTPs are a reward for players who participate in real money games.  In ring games, for each dollar raked from a pot, every player who was dealt cards receives one FTP.  For example, if $2 in rake was taken from a pot, each player who was dealt a hand, regardless of their action, will get two points.  Fractional points are also awarded, meaning if $2.25 in rake were taken, each player would get 2.25 points.  A maximum of three points are awarded per hand.  For tournament players, every dollar paid in tournament or sit and go fees means seven FTPs.  There is no limit to the number of points you can earn per tournament.  Note that Happy Hour double points do not apply towards unlocking your Fast $50 bonus.

Players can keep track of their Fast $50 bonus status by going into the Cashier from inside the Full Tilt Poker Game Lobby.  Click on the “Bonus Account” button from within the Cashier to see how much of your bonus you have unlocked.  Full Tilt Poker is a fully Mac-compatible room offering a 100% first-time deposit bonus up to $600.


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