Full Tilt Poker Leagues Add to the Action


Thanks to shows like “High Stakes Poker,” side action has become a hot topic among online poker players.  A new website has launched called FullTiltPokerLeagues.com that provides last longer bets for popular tournaments and the FTOPS/MiniFTOPS events at Full Tilt Poker.  Players running a private league or those with a group of friends are encouraged to visit the site and join.

“Our site launched last September and we cataloged all of the bugs.  We took the site down temporarily to fix all of the bugs and recently re-launched with the MiniFTOPS XV that just wrapped up.  We considered it a soft launch and got a good reception,” commented Susie “SusieQue” Moncek, who is the site manager at the site.

Only players who have a validated Full Tilt Poker account can participate in a league or last longer bet.  There is no charge for joining a league.

League participants will be scored using the Full Tilt Poker LeaderBoard Calculator 2.0, which is a method based on the same principles used by the site’s TLB.  The TLB is designed to account for the varying levels of skill in different buy-in tournaments.  Each player will be scored for every tournament they play in and at the end of the league, player totals will be added up to determine their League Rank.  For leagues with more than 13 members, first place will get 50%, second place will get 30%, and third place will receive 20% of the prize pool.  Players are paid to the same account they transferred money from for their league participation buy-in.

“One of the best things about our site is the ability to run private events that we can make for anyone that wants to do them.  All someone has to do is send us an e-mail request and we’ll set it up for them very quickly.  It’s perfect for a group of online friends or even a bar league,” mentioned Moncek.

The site recently ran a slew of last longers during MiniFTOPS XV.  The MiniFTOPS Main Event, played on March 21st, had three different last longers available at $10, $20, and $100.  The hotly contested $20 last longer had 15 participants, with “dapretzel” winning the entire $300 prize pool for finishing in 652nd place during the event.  That meant, assuming “dapretzel” bought in for the $55 fee and didn’t get in through satellite, “dapretzel” won $183.44 for finishing in 652nd place on top of the $300 from the prop bet.  Altogether, “dapretzel” won $483.44 for his $55 investment, which means that the last longer bet accounted for 62% of his winnings in that tournament.

Last longers run daily with most of the major tournaments.  For example, on Tuesdays, there are $10 and $20 last longers for the $32,000 Guaranteed Double Stack, which starts at 18:00 ET.  These bets also run regularly for the major Sunday tournaments on Full Tilt Poker, including the Double Deuce, $750,000 Guaranteed, and the Sunday Mulligan.

Moncek went on to say there are some great features coming to the site: “Now that the schedule is up for FTOPS XVI, we’ll have our last longer and leagues ready within a week.  Everyone is welcome to participate and if they want something they do not see, just e-mail us and we’ll immediately make it happen for them with absolutely no fees.”


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