Full Tilt Poker Running Super Turbo Weekend


Starting at 4:00pm ET on Friday, Full Tilt Poker began hosting Super Turbo Weekend featuring Super Turbo Sit and Go tournaments. The promotion runs for 48 hours.

For those unfamiliar with Super Turbos, they’re fast, fun, and extremely simple to play. Super Turbos start players with 300 chips, just ten times the big blind, and generally take only 15 minutes to complete. Instead of sitting at your computer for hours, you can get in a full session of Super Turbo tournaments in just 20 minutes.

So why play Super Turbos this weekend? The answer is simple: to win your ticket into the $100,000 Super Turbo Step Freeroll, which Full Tilt Poker will host this Sunday, June 13th, at 6:30pm ET. All weekend long, cashes in Super Turbo tournaments will count towards your Step Freeroll ticket. The ticket is made up of four pieces, which can be earned by cashing in Super Turbo tournaments.

Cash in a Super Turbo tournament with less than a $5 buy-in and you’ll unlock one piece of your ticket. Cashing in a Super Turbo Matrix with less than a $5 buy-in will also earn you one piece of your ticket.

If you cash in a Super Turbo with a buy-in $5 or greater, you’ll unlock two pieces of your ticket. For cashes in For Super Turbo Matrix Sit and Gos with more than a $5 buy-in, players will also unlock two pieces of their ticket.

More than 2,000 Step Freeroll tickets will be handed out over the weekend, with the top 20 finishers set to receive $2,100 Step 7 tickets to be used to obtain a $12,000 WSOP Main Event Prize Package. Any Step Tickets you win can also be used during Main Event Week, where more then 200 WSOP Main Event seats will be up for grabs, including 150 in the 150-Seat Main Event Guarantee on Sunday, June 20th.

Follow these easy steps to take part in Full Tilt Poker’s Super Turbo Weekend:

1. Log into Full Tilt and click on the “Cashier” button.

2. Click on the “My Promotions” box and then the “Super Turbo Weekend” link. This will lead you to your personal Super Turbo Weekend page.

3. Follow the instructions on this page. Please note that you must elect to participate in this promotion or you will not unlock pieces of your Freeroll ticket.

4. Start playing your favorite Super Turbos and earn the four pieces of your $100,00 Super Turbo Step Freeroll ticket.

Visit Full Tilt Poker for details.


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