iPhone 3.0 Software Announced


Recently, Apple made its much anticipated announcement about the new iPhone Operating System, this time 3.0.  The upgrade will be free for all iPhone owners; iPod Touch users will pay $10 to receive it.

The most “exciting” new feature for the iPhone is Copy and Paste, which users have been requesting ever since it was released years ago.  On the Apple corporate website’s news section, the company announces the “Advance preview of 100 new features” and then manages to list just four of them:

– “Spotlight” – Search your iPhone
– Cut, copy, and paste (works across all applications)
– Send photos, contacts, audio files, and location via MMS
– Read and compose e-mail and text messages in landscape
– Voice Memos

For many tech insiders, this announcement still means that the iPhone’s functionality is a small step behind other smartphones, which already had all of these capabilities.  The thing going for the iPhone is its “coolness factor” and marketing, which has made the device the “it phone” for the last few years.

Spotlight will allow users to search their entire iPhone for any application or message.  If you type in any string inside the search bar, the iPhone will search through applications, contacts, and other items to find what you are looking for and put them in a neat list below the search bar.

The Cut, Copy, and Paste feature also works between applications. A user could conceivably copy a picture from the Gallery and paste it into an e-mail inside the Mail application.

The ability to compose in landscape now works in all applications including mail, text messaging, and notes.

Voice Memo will be a free application that allows you to use the built-in microphone to record a voice memo.  Inside the application, you can trip and edit a memo and send it out via e-mail or MMS.

The entire list of new features for the iPhone will be released in the coming weeks. Developers now have their hands on the SDK 3.0 kit, which will allow them to build new applications for the iPhone 3.0 OS release, expected sometime this summer.


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