iPods to Gain Cameras and New iPhone Features


As poker players, we’re dying to see mobile clients for our favorite rooms.  A few poker rooms, such as Cake Poker, have mobile software available for Windows OS phones, where players can actually battle for real money from their cell phone.  This technology, unfortunately, does not yet exist for iPod Touch or iPhone, but as Apple opens up its standards for software submission, that could change in the next few years.

For live poker players, our iPods can absolutely be our best friend at a table.  Sitting long hours mucking tons of trash can drive a poker player insane to the point where they start spewing money.  Having that iPod playing the whole time is a wonderful way to remain patient and entertained during the long, boring hours.

According to Hardmac, an Apple product rumor website, the next generation of iPods (both the Touch and Nano) will have built-in cameras.  Multiple sites are refuting the reports.  A camera for the Nano doesn’t seem to make too much sense, although that’s what industry analysts said about being able to play video on the Nano when that feature was released.  Nevertheless, Nano sales have done well and the video feature is one of its biggest selling points.  One reason many feel that the iPod Nano will not feature a camera is because, unlike the iPod Touch, it does not run the Mobile OS X platform. Therefore, there’s no software to utilize the addition of a camera.  Adding a camera to the iPod Nano would certainly increase the cost of building the unit, which would, in turn, be passed onto the consumer.

Meanwhile, Wired.com published a report that it has a source closely connected to Apple’s hardware team.  The informant apparently leaked the information about the next generation iPhone, claiming it will launch on July 17th.  According to the rumor, the new phones will have two models in the form of 32GB and 16GB varieties with $199 and $299 price points.  The camera will be upgraded to 3.2 megapixels (up from 2.0) and include video recording and editing capabilities.  In addition, picture and videos will be sent via MMS and a new “OLED” screen with a better resolution will be installed.  The new battery life will be 50% better than older models and the amount of RAM and processing power will be doubled.  A built-in FM transmitter and compass will be included as well.

These are basically all of the features that most existing iPhone customers have been clamoring for.  Keeping the price point the same makes this iPhone a better purchase for AT&T cellular users rather than having some other phone and an iPod Touch.  With the possibility that the amount of RAM and CPU power are going to be doubled, the potential for robust poker clients coming to the iPhone OS just became a whole lot greater.


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