Jonathan Duhamel Makes High Stakes Poker Debut


Jonathan Duhamel 2010On Saturday night, 2010 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event winner Jonathan Duhamel made his debut on the GSN cash game series “High Stakes Poker.” Duhamel was quite successful throughout the episode and unquestionably proved that his skills transcend tournaments and cash games.

You can catch new episodes of “High Stakes Poker” every Saturday at 8:00pm ET and 11:00pm ET on GSN. The series is in its seventh season and features former “Saturday Night Live” funny man Norm Macdonald as its host.

A brand new group of eight players took to the felts on Saturday night at the “High Stakes Poker” suite at the Bellagio in Las Vegas and PokerStars pro Jason Mercier profited early. On a flop of A-10-4, life insurance executive Julian Movsesian bet $8,500 with A-7 for top pair and Mercier made the call with K-10 for second pair.

Mercier hit lightning in a bottle on the turn, however, when a king gave him two pair. Mercier check-called a bet of $15,000 from Movsesian and the river was a six. Mercier once again played it slow and just check-called a bet from Movsesian, this time $20,000, and scooped the $99,000 pot with kings-up. We’re sure that winning the sizable pot was a breath of fresh air for the bracelet winner, whom Phil Ivey bankrupted in his last outing on “High Stakes Poker.”

Then, it was Duhamel’s turn to drive. On a flop of 5-8-6, Duhamel bet $5,500 with Q-5 for bottom pair and Movsesian called with A-K. An ace on the turn gave Duhamel’s opponent a better hand, but the action went check-check to another five on the river.

Duhamel had drawn out once again, this time after spiking trips, and Movsesian bet $10,000 with aces-up. Duhamel raised to $32,300 and Movsesian called to send the $86,000 pot to the first ever Canadian WSOP Main Event winner. Duhamel won $8.9 million for taking down the Main Event last November after outlasting John Racener heads-up.

In the largest pot of the episode, Mike Baxter led out for $11,000 on a flop of 4-Q-7 with two clubs holding pocket fours for a set. Duhamel, who had picked up A-5 of clubs, called with the nut flush draw and the turn brought the third club. Baxter check-called a bet of $17,600 from Duhamel and the river was an offsuit three.

Baxter checked when the three hit and Duhamel bet a healthy $33,500 with the better hand. Baxter called and Duhamel raked in the $140,000 pot. Baxter lamented, “I was hoping he had Q-J.” After the hand, Duhamel was up $110,000 on the night.

In the final pot of Saturday’s 60-minute episode, Mercier raised to $2,300 before the flop with J-10 and Bill Perkins called with 7-3 suited. Phil Laak came along with A-2 of diamonds and Baxter called with A-9 of spades. The final player to see the flop was Duhamel, who held J-4 of spades.

The action flop came K-Q-7 with two spades and Mercier decided to lead out for $5,400 with an up-and-down straight draw. Baxter and Duhamel both called with flush draws and the turn was a red deuce. Everyone checked and the river brought the flush home, but also paired the board. Baxter bet $22,000 and Duhamel just called only to see that his flush was second best. The pot was worth $72,000.

Catch all new episodes of “High Stakes Poker” on Saturdays at 8:00pm ET and 11:00pm ET on GSN.


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