Mac News and Rumors for April 12th


This week, we’ll find out why RIM has been slow to respond to the iPad and also read about some cool promotions from two major online poker sites.  We’ll also hear exciting news for Mac gamers and also find out what’s going on with Best Buy’s iPad sales.

Apple Buys Touch Panels to Combat RIM?

The DigiTimes is reporting that RIM’s PlayBook Tablet PC is set to launch later this month, but the date has been sliding because Apple has been buying up all of the touch panels in the marketplace.  RIM, which makes the BlackBerry, has yet to answer Apple’s industry best device, the iPad, as of yet.  Apple has invested over $3.9 billion to guarantee long-term supply of LCDs, and even with that investment, it has seen its own share of supply shortages.  The PlayBook will offer a smaller 7” screen, but have the same basic functionality as the iPad.

Full Tilt Poker Runs Take 2 Promotion

Full Tilt Poker is running the popular Take 2 promotion again, only this time the top cash prize is $25, which is lower than we’ve seen in the past.  From April 8th to 17th, you can play in at least two standard cash games or any Rush Poker table to receive double Full Tilt Points.  Plus, you could bank up to $25.

Valve Continues with Apple Commitment

Valve Software, a titan in the gaming world, has been sending out teaser images to Mac-related media.  The last time that Valve released images, it was to promote the announcement of “Steam” for Mac OS X.  With the new game “Portal 2” being hyped on the internet and even on city buses, it’s widely expected that the title will be coming to the Mac.  The original game was a huge hit on all platforms.  “Portal 2” is set to launch on April 19th on PC, PlayStation 3, and XBOX 360.

Game of Your Life Promotion at PokerStars

On, PokerStars a new promotion will allow you to play for a chance to win a trip to any sporting event, anywhere in the world, with everything taken care of by the world’s largest site.  There’s also $1,000,000 in cash to be won and it’s free to play.  Just get your seat in any of the ongoing freerolls and you’ll get a shot.

Best Buy Blows Apple Alliance?

Best Buy has definitely profited from its alliance with Apple, as tech geeks have been swarming its stores.  Thanks to an apparent gaffe in store policy, that alliance might be broken.  CrunchGear is reporting that Best Buy is on the outs with Apple because the company was capping its iPad sales rather than burning through stock.

Best Buy stores were telling customers they were out of iPads when in fact they had only reached a sales quota for the day.  According to the report, Best Buy has had all units except for the demo units pulled.  To make matters more interesting, another outlet is reporting that Best Buy wasn’t holding stock because of a dispute with Apple, but rather because it is building inventory for an upcoming promotion.


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