Mac News and Rumors for February 23rd


This week, we’re finally hearing big rumors about Apple products. With Q2 coming around the corner, we are seeing all sorts of rumors about MacBook Pros, OS X Lion, and both the iPad 2 and the iPad 3.

No Smaller iPhone Coming

The New York Times is reporting that the rumor regarding the smaller-sized iPhone is just that – a rumor – and that nothing of the sort is in the works. Apple is working on a next generation iPhone, but it is going to be the same size as the iPhone 4. Apparently, there will be a greater emphasis on voice commands and some of the internal components to make it available at a lower price.

New MacBook Pros Coming February 24th

The rumor mill is on fire with this one, as it’s widely expected that Apple will update the MacBook Pro with the latest Intel line of processors, which will be a significant improvement from last year’s models. This rumor is a bit contradictory to Apple’s past, however. The company normally releases or announces new products on Tuesdays, but the 24th lands on a Thursday.

More iPad 3 Rumors

Apparently, Apple is developing a “Double Retina Display” for the iPad 3 that will have a 2048×1536 resolution. The second generation iPad, expected to be announced very soon, will not have this level of resolution, but will have a thinner and anti-reflective screen for better viewing in sunlight. Some people think that the iPad 3 might arrive before the end of 2011, while others think it’ll be summer of 2012. The iPad 2 should be released in April of this year.

New Mac OSX Feature Called “Safe Deposit Box”

A website that focuses on looking at Apple’s patents discovered one called “Safe Deposit Box,” which is a new feature slated for Mac OS X. It would be a place for securing important user files. A user would drag and drop these files into the box and they would be secure.  There’s no guarantee that this feature will be in the new OS X Lion edition coming out, but this would fit in with Apple’s new cloud strategy.

New Connector for Apple Offering High Speeds?

Tech website CNet is saying that Apple will be unveiling a new high-speed connection technology very soon. This Light Peak connector is an Intel technology and might be making its way to Apple devices soon. This technology would be a lot faster than USB 3.0, which explains why Apple has not adopted the technology since Light Peak appears to be coming out very soon.  It’s widely reported that there is a mystery port on the iPad 2, which could be for the Light Peak.

MiniFTOPS XIX Coming Soon

The Mini Full Tilt Online Poker Series (MiniFTOPS) XIX will get started on March 6th.  These events will mimic what took place over the last two weeks during FTOPS XIX, with the same 45 events at 10% of the buy-in.  There will be a $1,000+$60 No Limit Hold’em Heads-Up Event with a guarantee of $100,000 and a Two-Day Event with a $200+$16 buy-in that will have a $600,000 guarantee.  The Main Event will have a $70+$5 buy-in and a whopping $1.25 million prize pool.  Visit Full Tilt Poker for more details.

Pro Bounty Madness at is touting a new Pro Bounty Madness promotion where you try to take down a sponsored pro.  On Sundays, if you knock out Adam “Roothlus” Levy from his $60,000 Guarantee, you’ll win a seat to the following Sunday’s $200,000 Guarantee.  On Tuesdays, if you knock out Trishelle Canatella from her $10,000 Guarantee, you’ll win a seat into the Sunday $200,000 Guaranteed. Also on Tuesdays, if you knock out “Hollywood” Dave Stann, you win the same prize.

If you are lucky enough to knock out Maria Ho from Tuesday’s $50,000 Guarantee, you’ll be awarded $300 in tournament dollars.  Finally, Wednesday’s $80,000 Guarantee Sniper has a bounty on Joe Sebok and, if you knock him out, you’ll get $200 in tournament dollars. Check out for more information on the Pro Bounty Madness.


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