Mac News and Rumors for February 5th


This week, we have some serious news and rumors!

Steve Wozniak Comments on White iPhone

Even though he doesn’t have a say on the day-to-day operations over at his old company, Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak commented about the delays in the White version of the iPhone 4.  He said it has to do with issues with the paint allowing light to leak in and affect the camera’s performance.  He added that it’ll be released in the near future.

Intel’s Delays Push Back MacBooks and iMacs

Intel announced that it discovered a design error in the Cougar Point support chip that’s part of the new Sandy Bridge architecture.  The issue affects systems using Intel’s second-generation quad-core i5 and i7 processors and pushed back production schedules to late February for the first shipments.  It might be until April that the process recovers completely and the estimated cost might be around $700 million.  While initial reports stated that the issue is limited to iMacs, the Cougar Point support chip is also used in mobile chipsets, meaning it also will delay new MacBook Pros.

Apple Potentially in Process of Removing e-Reader Support

The New York Times is reporting that Apple has started to reject App Store submissions for programs that offer users the ability to purchase outside content.  One of the major apps rejected was Sony’s Reader app that allowed iOS devices to view eBook content.  This move might be a precursor to Kindle and Nook apps being banished from the Apple App Store.

AT&T Hit with Class Action Lawsuit

The Courthouse News Service is reporting that AT&T is being hit with a new class action lawsuit regarding the company over-billing customers for data to iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad.  The filing stated that a consulting firm conducted a two-month study and found AT&T overstating data usage by 7% to 14% with some transactions coming in as much as 300% above the actual amount.

iOS 4.3 Beta 3 Seeded to Developers

Apple issued the third beta edition of iOS 4.3 to developers on Tuesday, two weeks after Beta 2 was given out.  Versions are available for the iPad, iPhone 4, and the 3GS.  There hasn’t been much word on anything new, but previous editions have featured personal WiFi hotspot functionality, enhanced support for AirPlay video streaming, and a software toggle to set the functionality of the iPad’s side switch.  It also allows users to cancel downloading apps if they so choose.

iPad 2 Screen Parts Exposed?

Two websites have posted photos of what is allegedly the new iPad 2 screen.  The sites state that they cannot tell if the resolution is higher, but it is definitely better in terms of quality of build.  The reports state that the iPad 2’s display is also lighter and over a millimeter thinner.  No other details were revealed.  We’re expecting Apple to announce the iPad 2 sometime this quarter.

Fossilman Now Extinct at PokerStars

As reported by, World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event champion Greg “Fossilman” Raymer no longer appears as a sponsored pro at PokerStars.  As one of the biggest faces in the world of poker, it comes as a shock that he has left the site.  The rumor regarding why he left is that PokerStars has scaled back the of money it offers pros as part of a sponsorship package.  His signing at a rival poker site, such as Full Tilt Poker or, has been rumored.  On the TwoPlusTwo forums, Raymer declined to comment on any details.  Read more.


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