Mac News and Rumors for January 14th


This week, we have an interesting announcement from PokerStars, which is having a sale in its VIP Store on goodies such as iPods and Reward Bonuses.  We also have two brand new lawsuits involving Apple and further rumors about upcoming changes of buy-in structures at Full Tilt Poker.

Apple Strikes at Valleywag Over Information Bounty

On Wednesday, Valleywag received considerable attention in the tech industry for offering up $100,000 for legitimate information of Apple’s rumored tablet computer.  It took seconds for Apple’s lawyers to respond to the offer with an immediate cease and desist order.  Michael Spillner of Apple’s main law firm cited California law prohibiting the inducement of disclosure of trade secrets.  Apple has also requested that the company behind Valleywag turn over any confidential materials it may have received.

Another Week, Another Lawsuit Against Apple

It seems that we’re publishing information about a new lawsuit involving Apple and patent infringements on a weekly basis.  This time, it’s Kodak, which announced that it has filed suit against Apple and Research in Motion for infringement of patents related to digital camera technology.  Kodak invented the digital camera in 1975 and claims that it seeks only what it considers proper compensation.  As you might remember, Apple is locked in lawsuits with Nokia, with things getting ugly rather quickly for both sites.

Apple and the PC Industry Posted Solid Gains to End 2009

According to the Gartner and IDC research firms, the computer market did very well in the fourth quarter of 2009.  Both reports revealed a strong rebound for the PC industry, with shipments growing between 15% and 22% and U.S. shipments growing approximately 25% between the fourth quarters of 2008 and 2009.  Apple slipped behind Toshiba into fifth place in the U.S. market with a 7.5% share.  Typically, Apple sees a dip in fourth quarter sales reports as it comes off the strength of its third quarter educational sales figures.

PokerStars VIP Store Sale

For players who play on the Mac-compliant PokerStars poker site, the new promotion involving the VIP Store will be of interest.  In what is being billed as the VIP January Sale, items in the Store are being discounted.  A new item is featured every day and discounts range widely for each.  Some of the items promised to be involved in the sale include iPods, hoodies, scarf and beanie combos, VIP Reward Bonuses, and Sunday Million Tickets.

Changes Still Coming at Full Tilt Poker

About a month ago, “FTPDoug” announced that there would be huge changes at Full Tilt Poker, including the buy-in levels for regular tables as well as a revamped VIP system.  The target timetable outlined by FTPDoug for the table buy-in change was “the middle of January,” as the new VIP system was still months away.  As of the 14th of January, no changes have been seen at any of the regular tables, which would increase the minimum buy-ins from 20 big blinds up to 40 to prevent short-stackers from killing the games as they do currently.


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