Mac News and Rumors for January 2nd


Happy New Year from all of us at We’re really excited for what should be a banner year in the world of Mac poker. This week, we have rumors and leaks regarding the upcoming iPad 2 and also have some interesting information about the top tech fails of 2010.

Next Generation iPad Information Leaked

Blogs in Japan are going bananas right now leaking information about the upcoming iPad “Second Generation Unit”. The first rumor we heard from Macotakara is saying that the new iPad will actually be slightly smaller than the current model, while offering a flat back and new speaker. According to a Japanese blogger who claims to have gotten his hands on the new model, he also been testing new cases for the new iPad, which include one that is a hard shell and one that is soft.

The next-gen iPad also is said to have tapered sides that will look a lot like the current model of the iPod Touch. This is different than the existing iPad, which has flat sides and a curved back. The speaker grille moves to the rear of the device according to the report. The volume buttons on the side appear to be a split style with an oblong form factor like on the current iPod Touch. Finally, the camera hole in the rear of the case appears to be the exact same size at the ones for the iPhone 4.

Apple to Have a CDMA iPad 2 Version for Verizon? is reporting that Apple will release not one, but three different versions of the iPad 2 in 2011, including the WiFi and 3G versions we know now plus a CDMA version specifically for Verizon. Mass production, according to the article, would start in late January. The CDMA version would allow the iPad to work on the Verizon network in the United States in addition to other CDMA networks around the world.

Want to Hack the New iPod Nano?

MacStories has been documenting the first steps toward hacking the new iPod Nano. They do note, however, that there’s more work to be done before new capabilities can be unlocked or added. The hacker noted that the property list files within the Nano operating system, which is not based on iOS, make reference to currently unsupported features like movies, TV shows, apps, games, and passcode locks. The hacker and others are going to pursue their efforts to jailbreak the Nano and try to find more hidden features.

Apple Wins Two Top “Tech Fails” for 2010 from CNN

CNN put together the top ten “Tech Fails” of 2010 and Apple received two of them. They ranked the iPhone 4’s antenna issues as the top tech fail of the year. You might remember that Apple denied the problem existed then said it was a software issue. Then, the company gave away free bumpers to alleviate the issue then stopped giving them away. The other Apple top tech fail was the release of Apple’s new music social network called Ping. Other top tech fails include 3D HDTV, Microsoft’s Kin Handsets, the Google Nexus One smartphone, and Google Buzz.

No iPhone Debut at CES for Verizon

CES is the largest electronics show in the world and takes place every year in Las Vegas, but at CES 2011, it looks like Verizon will not debut the iPhone 4. According to Verizon, a sneak peak of an Android-based 4G LTE phone is the big headliner, which makes many believe that the iPhone 4 announcement will come later in the year. home


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