Mac News and Rumors for June 26th


Most of today’s News and Notes have to do with the release of the iPhone 4 – and for good reason – as so many people are experiencing issues with the unit.  We also have two new promotions to talk about, one from Full Tilt Poker and the other from PartyPoker.  Enjoy!

iPhone 4 Released

The iPhone 4 has been released and we’ve already given our impressions.  Unfortunately for Apple, not everything about the iPhone 4 has been positive.  In fact, many are quite upset about what appears to be a product released too soon.

The first issue is about the poor reception, specifically when the phone is held in the left hand next to your head.  Apparently, this widespread problem can even result in a dropped call.  There are some workarounds, including using a non-metallic case for the phone or a Bumper, which can be bought at the Apple Store.  Apple first denied the problem altogether and then said it was a software issue that they are working on.  Apple CEO Steve Jobs simply noted, “Just use the phone in your other hand.”  Nice advice.

On the day the iPhone 4 was released, some people complained of a screen blotching issue that would occur on the bottom right.  The good news is that this is simply remnants of a bonding agent and goes away in a day or two.

For those of you dying to try out Facetime, but don’t have any friends that have an iPhone 4, call Apple’s new Facetime line at 1-888-FACETIME from 8:00am to 8:00pm CT.  This way, you can test it out the feature and get tech support at the same time.  You must call the number while connected to a Wi-Fi network for it to work.

In other quality news, it seems that the iPhone 4 five-megapixel camera is rated as the third best on the market behind the Samsung HZ35Q (15 MP) and Sony DSX-WX1 (10 MP).  The Apple iPhone 4 shoots with 30 frames per second, while the Droid X does 24.

Full Tilt Poker Announces FTP Masters Series

Players can win their share of $100,000 and the title of Spanish Poker Champion through the Full Tilt Poker Masters Series.  This is a three-day live event to find the most complete poker player in Spain.  It will consist of 32 players total, with Day 1 being a deep stack tournament and Day 2 being a shootout.  Day 3 will have two parts as a turbo.  All players who participate must be 18 years of age.

PartyPoker Announces Card Rush XL

Want to be a winner?  Good – PartyPoker wants to make you one.  The site has made its instant win promotion bigger than ever, with 1.8 million opportunities to win up for grabs.  All you have to do to earn a Card Rush XL card is amass 15 Party Points.  Every single card you get will contain a prize, from cash to freeroll entries, with a leaderboard competition at stake as well.  PartyPoker is even giving you your first Card Rush XL card for just five points.  The promotion is going on now and will end on July 31st or once all 1.8 million cards have been given away.


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