Mac News and Rumors for June 2nd


We’re getting closer and closer to the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in just a few days and the new iPhone rumors are in full swing. We’re hearing that someone has determined the resolution of the screen and even sent out specs on the new line of iPhone cases. For MacBook Pro potential buyers, there’s a strong rumor about a new Core i7 coming this year as well as a major announcement about iPad sales.  We’ll wrap up with some news about a new promotion at Full Tilt Poker.

New iPhone Details Leaked

There are new details surfacing about the new iPhone.  The next iPhone screen has been confirmed to run at a resolution of 960×640 according to The site is claiming to have figured out the resolution by examining the phone under a microscope. This would quadruple the current resolution of 480×320.

A company called Idea-Case recently e-mailed some interesting information to customers advertising a new “iPhone 4GS” case, which resembles the leaked design. The new iPhone has a square feel to it with a flat back.

New MacBook Pros Coming Soon

Didn’t Apple just update their notebook line?  A newly leaked Intel processor roadmap revealed that the company will be coming out with Core i7 MacBook Pros later this year. Currently, the MacBook Pro tops out with the 2.66 GHz i7, but the new processor will increase that to a 2.8 GHz model that can turbo boost up to 3.46 GHz.

Two Million iPads Sold

Anyone who doubted the market for iPads is definitely recanting their predictions now. Apple announced on Monday that it has sold over two million iPads in under 60 days since the device launched on April 3rd in the United States.  Apple continues to deal with shortages in its stores and in Best Buy retail locations. In comparison, it took Apple two years to sell its first two million iPods, while the iPhone took four months.

Full Tilt Poker’s “Late Night Poker”

Full Tilt Poker is planning on producing “Late Night Poker”, which players can qualify for and play. Players can enter and compete on TV in one of Europe’s largest tournaments. You can win a $12,000 prize package and compete for a share of more than $500,000 in prize money. Players can buy into the “Late Night Poker” Direct qualifier for $300+$22 or play in satellites to get in.

Once you are inside the Full Tilt Poker lobby, select “Tournaments”, “Live Events”, “All”, “All Types”, and “Highest”. Scroll down the game list and you will find a green set of tournaments labeled “Late Night Poker – Qualifier”. Play in the super satellites to that event or just buy in direct and win your shot at poker immortality.


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