Mac News and Rumors for March 24th


Still Long Lines for iPad 2s

On release day for the iPad 2, the lines were ridiculously long and nobody was able to meet the mass demand for Apple’s latest sensation. However, the lines persist and the demand for the product hasn’t even been close to met.  The Apple Store in Manhattan is still a perpetual mass of people who stand in cold weather around-the-clock in hopes that the store manages to get a few in to feed the first people in line. Online orders have been pushed out to four to five weeks now.

AT&T to Buy T-Mobile

AT&T will be buying T-Mobile in a $39 billion dollar deal that may improve the former’s network quality. Both customers would see service improvements due to increased cell tower density and broader network infrastructure. This gives AT&T access to cell sites that would have taken several years to build. This should mean better performance for 3G devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

FTOPS XX Announced

With MiniFTOPS now concluded on Full Tilt Poker, FTOPS XX has been announced.  The series will take place from April 17 to May 1st and have over $38 million in guarantees. There will be 45 events, with 13 offering a $1 million guarantee or more.  The Two-Day Event will have a prize pool of at least $2.5 million and there will be a $10,000+$300 Heads-Up Event that will have a million-dollar guarantee. FTOPS XX will have a ridiculous $7.5 million guaranteed Main Event that will take place on May 1st and offer six entries.

MacBook 2011 Line Crashing?

There are some long discussion threads on the Apple forums filled with issues owners have been having with the 2011 line of MacBook Pros. The speculation is that the issues are related to the graphics driver or power management.  Apple is aware of the issue, but no solution has been provided.

iOS 4.3.1 Due by End of April

There are multiple reports that Apple will be releasing iOS 4.3.1 within the next couple of weeks to address several bugs.  Some changes include baseband updates for the 3GS and iPad, a fix for a memory hang that results in corruption, and a fix for an issue with the iPad 2’s jailbreak vulnerability.

More iPhone 5 NFC Rumors

The New York Times is reporting that Apple is going to deploy a Qualcomm technology that would bring Near Field Communication, or NFC, to one of the next iPhone editions, either 5 or 6. There are a few patents regarding NFC that Apple owns and there have been some hiring moves that indicate that Apple has a large interest in the technology.

PokerStars 60 Billionth Hand

Once again, PokerStars is holding another milestone hand and will celebrate by giving away tons of prizes at cash game tables.  Starting with hand number 59.7 billion, the first of 300 milestone hands will occur and take place every million hands.  If a player participates in a milestone hand, they will receive $50 for each VPP earned during the previous 50 hands at that table.  In addition, each player will get $50 and the winner of the hand will have their prize doubled.  Players in the 60 billionth hand will get $500 for every VPP earned in their last 50 hands.  Plus, the winner will get their prize doubled and receive $60,000.

Apple Releases Mac OS X 10.6.7

Apple released Version 10.6.7 of OS X on Monday, which will improve the reliability of Back to My Mac.  Also, the update will address various minor Mac App Store bugs.  You can download the update from your Mac’s Software Update feature.

Full Tilt Poker Double Guarantees Week is Back

Not only has FTOPS XX been announced, but also Full Tilt is once again holding Double Guarantees week starting on March 28th and ending on April 3rd. That means that every guaranteed tournament will have its guarantee doubled.  On top of that, the Sunday tournaments will actually have a triple guarantee.


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